Fix The Brawl Modes

Dear SEMC,
Please fix the brawl modes. What needs to be fixed?? Well:

As such brawl modes serve their purpose as short game modes for ppl who dont have enough time for a full 20 min match.
I had introduced this game to 6 of my friends. They literally fell in love with the gameplay , graphics and its originality. They are FTP players and don’t spend in games.
Everything was going well with them asking me questions on how to play the game and all. Heck one of them even saved up to make a guild which we joined as well. I was actually impressed with how the game appealed to new players. Great!!
It didn’t last long.

Two weeks later all of them but one left.

  1. Normal modes take too long.
  2. I’m getting deleted in brawl modes.
    Lemme make this clear. They made these accounts after the introduction of talents. Also, they had got some really beautiful skins. Corsair krul, evo vox, etc
    According to me these legendary skins should have been a great driving factor to play the game more.

But no. They didn’t have time and they were getting deleted in brawl modes.

Casual gamers want more of the game than an incentive to play. If u think ads are enough to bring in players, u are wrong. Casual players can’t play for a lot of time. They might play a normal every now and then but they will mostly be sticking on to the brawl modes.

What’s the point of bringing in players to the game then??
The game gets monotonous fast and thus we also need more game modes.
Please remove talents or at least have brawl modes without them. There is no progression in this system.

If u wanna give us anything to play for, it must be skins and maybe,lol, hats. Or bring in something different. Anything but upgradable skills which make u one punch man ingame.

Please fix the brawl modes. New players try out a game first. Brawl modes are the way. No one is straight going to play a casual. At least Casual players dont.

Talents is only driving players away.

So please semc do something regarding this.

Heck one of them started playing MLBB and AOV.

:sob: :sob:

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talents… that’s what change me from blitz regular to blitz hater
like bugs aboid insectiside

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I hated talents, before they were implemented, i hated talents after they were implemented. At some point i thought maybe talents could be fixed one day and actually make brawl modes better again. Nope, talents are getting worse and worse with more new heroes and their poorly thought out talents. Talents are and will always be a setback of the game. Deleting talents is the first step to fixing the game.


And yet you abuse them in almost all your vids…

Ive already quit playing blitz 2 updates ago

There nothing wrong about abusing them if SMEC just doesnt care enough to balance them properly.

Meh I think we should boycott them. If we get enough people they might just listen

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That’s very hypothetical! Many players are more forced to play the mode rather.

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To be honest, I’m being a bit wishful here. There’s no way we could even reach most of the players, and even if we could, we couldn’t convince many of them. There’s always gonna be that community that loves blitz and talents and will spend all their money on them, and that’s why SEMC keeps them.

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The idea of altering skills unlocks are cool and all, but the implementation for money grab is not. Actually we see the same thing in all new games as they all are “free” and exploiting human psychology for easy and much bigger profits.

If we had easy unlockable talents(like for small glory price) that only ALTERS abilities and thus creating more unique heroes on the fold - good. No pure stats bump like 20-30-40% more CP for free, no levels to grind and make talents op. Just altering the hero in a balanced way, new cool skill in his theme.

But profits, you know… :slight_smile:

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I actually like the idea of talents. Let them be in the game. But just take the idea of levelling them up go away. Make them like blueprints. Only unlockable from the daily chest. No buying nothing. Talents would be nice if all of them were lvl 1 only. Not too op, but still fun.

SEMC isn’t going to do anything about talents because far too many whales and whale guilds buy them to sweat the top 100 Blitz leader boards. There’s just too much profit wrapped up in Blitz.

For now, focus on nerfing the cancerous shit like Ardan’s epic, Lance’s epic, Anka’s legendary, and Churnwalker’s rare.

Nerf all of it.

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Ill just leave this article here

I think Brawl modes are great before the introduction of Talents.

They are still great, but slightly less because Talents throws the balance out of whack.

To be honest, a lot of Talents are broken. Take it from me who compiled all their stats together, lol.

I don’t really see how Talents can be removed without causing quite a ruckus. However, I have some ideas on how to balance them.

  • Orikson’s Random ‘General’ Talents Balance Ideas:

~ Have Talents give ‘flat’ numbers, not ratios. By that, I mean they give a boost that scales with the Talent but is unaffected by item purchases e.g. Inara’s Rare and Malene’s Legendary.

~ Make so that Talents give effects that are good and become better as the Talent is leveled up but not broken. An example of this is Blackfeather’s Rare - minus the stats boost and in its place is the duration of his stacks, staying longer on a target the higher the level of the Talent.

~ Remove/Rework Talents that give an instant big benefit and additional stuff to be reasonable e.g. Idris Rare. It could be reworked so that it reduces the cost of weapon/crystal power required to unlock the specific path bit by bit. Example: Reduces the cost by 2 (+2 per level). So the total cost reduction is 40, meaning it’ll only take 60 weapon/crystal to unlock the paths. Also helps cover the bugginess it has I think.

~ For Talents that boost one or more stats, have them boost one stat to a reasonable level at the cost of reducing one other stat (e.g. Increase damage on an ability but higher cooldown), or have them boost more than one stat but lower than say a single stat boosting Talent. I think Fortress’ Rare has the best example of a good mix of effect and stats boost that isn’t overpowered.

~ Balance Talents around the concept of giving effects that are “unique,” “does not boost stats to the moon,” “fixes a hero’s weakness moderately,” “giving non-damaging abilities damage or more effects” and/or “giving damaging abilities that complement them or give them more utility without breaking them.”

Overall, I see Talents having the potential to be fun, but is currently marred with replications, over the top stats boosting, too easy or too hard to use.

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Because I can’t help myself, here’s what I think should be reworked for each and every Talent for every hero in Vainglory 3.8.

Abbreviations used in this post:

R - Rare Talent
E- Epic Talent
L - Legendary Talent

In alphabetical order…

  • Adagio.

R - It’s honestly ok I think. Given the numbers, it’s heavily dependant on the ‘burst heal’ value to get the most FH out. Reworking it would be tweaking the numbers a bit.

E - The damage it can deal is mind-boggling the more levels it has. I would retain the extra charge and the charge time reduction but remove the damage amp.

L - I’d rework this to have damage dealt by the ult cut without any scaling (meaning the damage would not increase as the Talent is leveled up), has some cooldown reduction scaling and a ‘flat heal’ rather based on ‘% max health.’ Something like 200 heal (+200 per level) (so total heal is 1000).

  • Alpha.

R - I’d remove the Passive Weapon Power and instead put in an effect that increases the duration of Alpha’s Core Overload stacks, scaling with the level of the Talent. The Attack Speed per Stack will be adjusted as well.

E - This Talent is ok imo. The conditions for its effect isn’t too hard to meet but is conditional so players can find themselves unable to get the effect off.

L - I would remove the cooldown modifier and give more speed boost. It’s ok, but not really feasible to use since the move speed boost is insufficient to catch up enemies nowadays.

  • Anka.

R - I would rework it to have 2 charges and reduce its damage. The speed related boost aspects to me are unnecessary as it makes Anka way to annoying to catch.

E - A few tweaks such as removing the Passive Crystal Power and replacing it instead with attack speed. Its base effect is way too good already, so why not keep that and give her something to help her farm just a little bit better.

L - This Talent actually helps Anka a lot, but they had to break it with additional stats… :stuck_out_tongue: I think keeping the range effect (and giving it scaling) and removing the cooldown and damage boosts to be replaced by giving a duration boost of her A’s mark on her target would make it ok.

  • Ardan.

R - I think this one’s balance is ok’ish. Maybe reduce the barrier slightly.

E - Broken. I’d rework it into a mix between its current self and his Legendary Talent. Make it so that it has a knockback distance and cooldown reduction that scales with the level.

L - Annoying and secretly broken. This thing can be quite the menace even with just level 2 or 3. I would rework it so that this Talent instead has the effect of giving Ardan’s basic attack the ability to reduce the cooldown (the % cooldown decrease increases with the level) of his ult, but at the cost of less damage and not resetting his B.

  • Baptiste.

R - I think the range and cooldown buffs are great, but the damage amp is unnecessary. A simple tweak would be to either remove the damage buff or nerf it.

E - This one is sleeper OP. I think it’s ok but maybe could use a tweak so that it has less free attack speed.

L - This one is actually decent and not OP. Maybe just a bit of stats tweaks to tame it just a little bit.

  • Baron.

R - Another Talent that’s actually ok balance wise. No rework needed I feel, though maybe a slight reduction on the max possible damage the triple rocket burst wouldn’t go amiss.

E - This Talent is oppressive and not fun to go up against, especially if someone bothers to level it up. I would rework it so that it boosts the travel speed and travel distance of the mortars, scaling with levels of course. Maybe keep the energy cost reduction but make it scale with levels. If players want additional mortars, just an extra one or two is what I think is reasonable.

L - I feel this is ok, but I would tweak its damage amp so that it isn’t as crazy powerful as it is now.

  • Blackfeather.

R - The passive effect it gives is great, but the Passive Attack Speed and Weapon Power Boosts are unnecessary. I’d just give it more stack duration bonus and slight attack speed increase that scales with level. For the attack speed increase, I think making it 10% or 15% should be fine at max level.

E - This Talent feels kind of underpowered. Personally, I’d add the slow that was removed from it and have that scale with the Talent’s level.

L - I think this one only needs some nerfs to the damage and charge time. That’s all.

  • Catherine.

R - It makes carry Catherine viable in Brawl modes, but not much. I think it’s ok, but I have an idea for Catherine’s Talent that would be great. I’ll abstain from putting it down her I suppose. Other than that, I think I’d just tweak the stats a little bit.

E - Another Talent that has decent balance but feel underpowered. Maybe add an energy cost reduction to all her abilities, scaling with levels.

L - This Talent feels ok with the current state of Catherine. No rework needed.

  • Celeste.

R - A Talent that’s really bothersome when the Celeste is good and it’s at a high level. I would tweak it to remove the duration bonuses, tweak so that it doesn’t do damage to structures while just staying on the ground, or deal reduced damage over time to structures.

E - Quite a decent Talent with equal benefits and trade-offs. No rework needed.

L - An ok Talent, but I think it needs an extra effect. I’d rework it so that it has the bonus, lingering duration from the R Talent and reduce the Supernova damage amp a bit.

  • Churnwalker.

R - Who thought making a very hard to kill hero even harder was a good idea? :confused: I would rework it so that it has a new effect: When a chain snaps, a burst of damage is dealt with the target that the chain was attached to, scaling with levels.

E - This Talent is quite good and unique, though I think it will need some adjustments to the values it sports.

L - Quite a fun and silly Talent. No rework needed.

  • Flicker.

R - This one compensates for how difficult it is to get value out of the A at times. What I would do is decrease the damage amp a bit.

E - Quite hilarious and honestly annoying. However, it is also easy to play around most of the time. I feel it’s ok, though some more time in play will certainly help in making the call to tweak it.

L - This one is kind of tricky to use, but quite rewarding. Maybe slight nerf to the Passive Crystal Power, but other than that, no other changes are needed.

  • Fortress.

R - After multiple nerfs to it and the hero it’s for, I think this one is in a good spot. No rework needed.

E - A powerful but situational effect. I think it’s ok.

L - Probably one of the best Talents out there without feeling OP. Coupled that with his Summer Party Skin, squeaks will reign across the map, haha! Because of the frail nature of his wolves, I feel this one doesn’t need a rework.

  • Glaive.

R, E, L - There are quite balanced stats wise and unique enough I feel. They’re good, but I guess outshined by other Talents and Glaive’s current viability in the Brawl meta.

  • Grace.

R, E, L - Another set that I think are ok and have no need for a rework.

  • Grumpjaw.

R, E, L - Another set that I think are ok and have no need for a rework, especially with Grumpjaw’s recent nerfs.

  • Gwen.

R - I would reduce the damage scaling a little bit, but other than that, it’s mechanically sound.

E - The only aspect I would tweak is the Passive Weapon Power, nerfing it a little bit.

L - It feels a bit repetitive because there’s already a few Talents that do the same effect. I think an alternative rework would have it be able to penetrate heroes the ult hits with cooldown decrease and lower stun duration, both scaling with the Talent’s level.

  • Idris.

R - This Talent is what I made hate Idris as a hero. In its early iteration, it’s OP. Even with the nerfs, it’s still strong because it has a bug that hasn’t been fixed at all. I would rework the Talent to simply decrease the threshold to get the weapon and crystal paths lower with each Talent level. Hoepfully that will also get rid of the bug.

E - This one’s sleeper strong, especially if the Idris goes CP and is skilled in actually using the Chakrams. I would probably decrease the damage a bit.

L - This one is like Adagio’s L Talent, but exclusively for him and his ally if he latches onto them while being much faster as well as not easy to counter. I would rework it in the same way I reworked Adagio’s L Talent.

  • Inara.

R, E, L - It’s hard to judge since hshe’s new. I think all tree are ok, not underpowered or OP.

  • Joule.

R - I find this funny considering that Joule’s perk has just been reworked. Maybe it hasn’t been updated yet? If I want to rework this, I have it increase Joule’s damage reduction a bit and make it decrease the A’s cooldown a bit more.

E - I think this one is somewhat busted. I would nerf its damage amp at least so that one charge doesn’t blow another hero so quickly.

L - This Talent seems one of the more balanced ones. Decent effects and buffs, so no rework for it I think.

  • Kensei.

R - This one is ok, but it really depends on the Kensei’s state as well as the meta.

E - This one I think needs its Passive Weapon Power and invulnerability effect decreased drastically I feel. That’s what I would rework.

L - For a rework, I would decrease the damage and its scaling, then add energy cost reduction that remains static or scales with the Talent’s level.

  • Kestrel.

R - Busted. Novel idea and makes playing Kestrel easier, but I think the damage and its scaling should be decreased.

E - I think it’s current state coupled with Kestrel’s current state makes it ok. Maybe decrease it’s damage a little bit.

L - It’s a meme and its powerful. Requires quite some skill to make work. No rework maybe.

  • Kinetic.

R - A clear cut stats buff Talent. I think it is boring. So a rework would be to make so that her stack last a little bit longer, increasing with each Talent level.

E - This one is actually pretty good. It synergizes with both the weapon and crystal while being decently balanced. No rework again.

L - Very, very annoying and busted. Being stun locked is no fun. I honestly don’t know why it hasn’t been addressed yet. Personally, I would rework the Talent so that she can launch her ult from a longer range, not losing the stacks. Maybe give it additional stats buff for her ult.

  • Koshka.

R - This Talent is fun. It reminds some of her old perks. Quite balanced I think, considering that it doesn’t reduce the energy cost of her abilities. No rework preferably since it is an incarnation of old lost through her rework.

E - This one is ok balance wise when compared to other similar ones, but it seems a bit boring. Maybe add an additional effect such as increasing the number of her B stacks based on the level of the Talent.

L - Quite OP in the sense that it is very surprising and fast. However, it’s kind of ok considering it’s tricky to actually stun a whole team with it.

  • Krul.

R, E, L - All three are very good for Krul. They are not really overpowered, as they sway with Krul’s viability in the meta. They don’t really need a rework as a nerf to Krul puts them down.

  • Lance.

R - I think it’s ok, but it’s really annoying. Maybe rework the barrier so that it gives flat barrier rather than by % max health.

E - This one probably was strong, to begin with, but became prevalent when Lance got continuously buffed. I would rework it entirely, and instead, give the Talent the ability to increase the distance that Lance can roll, increasing with Talent level. Also increase the cooldown of the ult by a good amount.

L - I think this one is also strong, but is ok considering it’s subjected to Lance basic attacking. Maybe adjust the damage and cooldown reduction a little bit more.

  • Lorelai.

R - This Talent is good and shows how powerful Lorelai’s pools are. No rework needed, though I think having it decrease the slow strength a bit should make it feels fair.

E - Give the skill to actually land the A, I think the Talent is fair. Maybe decrease the stun duration a bit more.

L - It’s strong the more Levels you invest into it, though I think the cooldown decrease shouldn’t be as generous.

  • Lyra.

R - This Talent is for carry Lyra, and it’s quite strong. Boring though. I can see its uses. Rework is probably not needed.

E - This is the easiest and most useful of her Talents I think. Good for both Captain and crystal Lyra. No rework needed.

L - Though unique and useful, it is rather underpowered. I would rework it so that it has some cooldown reduction for her B.

  • Malene.

R - I think this one is pretty simple and strong. Not really in need of a rework.

E - This one is very useful, particularly against melee heavy teams. The damage is not much but decent.

L - The most useful and fun Talent in Malene’s arsenal. If one levels it up more, it can be quite surprising. No rework needed, and stats wise, I think it’s ok. If it ever becomes from too prevalent, reducing its damage is a good way to adjust it.

  • Ozo.

R - It’s ok, but Ozo’s B is hard to pull off. The only way to strengthen its use is to buff Ozo (or use the Joystick controls). I don’t really know how to rework this, though I would suggest that they add CC immunity while using his B.

E - The Talent that is probably the best for Ozo. Quite simple yet good. Reworking isn’t needed.

L - The second best Talent Ozo has, though its uses are more dependant on Ozo and maybe good when you have to go Captain Ozo. The fact that it has two charges makes up for its weaknesses.

  • Petal.

R - This one is good, but is very detrimental to Petal at low levels. I don’t see anything wrong with it, other than being somewhat less desirable compared to other Talents at level one. No rework needed.

E - I think this is very underrated and can surprise those that don’t pay attention to where they are going. Coupled that with some other hero kits, it can make some silly traps. No rework needed.

L - Another underrated Talent because most underestimate the AoE size that Petal’s munions explosion cover. A bit tricky to make work cause knockbacks tend to screw things up. I would rework it a bit so that it makes munion respawn immediately after the explosion ends.

  • Phinn.

R - This one can be sleeper OP since the damage gets boosted above 100% after a certain level. However, it is tricky to combo it as most tend to use the B before the A. Rework not needed.

E - It’s one of the Talents I consider very useful, underrated and slightly underpowered. I feel like it should be reworked a little bit, as in make the delay when pressing the ability and casting it being reduce as the Talent is leveled up.

L - I get annoyed when I see this Talent. It’s either use to great effect or the player flails like an idiot. It’s a novel idea but I think players are better off not using it. I’d rework it so that it instead to gives Phinn extra move speed for himself and maybe project an aura around him that grants allies around him Fortified Health after no taking damage for a few seconds.

  • Reim.

R - I think this Talent is very good. It basically enables the boost that his perk gives for the extra damage from his abilities. No rework needed.

E - For this one, it enables some nice survival, even when Reim goes down a weapon build. I think the only think I’d adjust is the Passive Crystal Power ratio and bring it down just a bit.

L - This Talent is very odd I feel. It’s useful but it isn’t as useful compared to the other Talents Reim has. I would probably add to it and have a cooldown reduction for his B.

  • Reza.

R - A very simple Talent that is lacking details in my opinion. A bit boring. I think an additional charge of the B + some aspect that increases the cooldown of his B slightly would be a good choice.

E - This is quite good, enabling a lot of extra damage through his B. Considering this, no rework is needed for it really.

L - Another Talent that’s rather odd for the hero it is attached to I feel. Not bad, but not desirable compared to the other two. Maybe good for weapon Reza since Tension Bow is still strong. I don’t think it needs a rework.

  • Ringo.

R - This thing is fun for the user, unfun for the one being shot at, lol. It stats is ok, so I wonder why it got buffed in terms of range. Maybe reduce the range just a little bit.

E - Very good and not that powerful. No rework for this good one.

L - This one is tricky to use and I feel like it is a bit of a missed opportunity. I would rework it so that it winds up Ringo’s ult faster and have more casting range, increasing with each Talent upgrade.

  • Rona.

R, E, L - All good and add to Rona’s power, though I would decrease the damage amp on her R and L Talents.

  • SAW.

R - Nerf the damage I say. It’s ok, but it’s so annoying if the team comp is all melee.

E - This one is unique and good, but oh dear, it’s also annoying. No need for a rework, but I think a slight reduction to his overall damage would be ok.

L - Very interesting, especially if you understand how it works and invest time in leveling it up.

  • Samuel.

R - I feel it needs a nerf on the heal it has. It makes weapon Samuel a thing. Very annoying at times. No need for a rework but a nerf.

E - Quite powerful, especially at higher levels. I think it needs a slight nerf to the undisturbable sleep.

L - Very good and situational. Probably one of the best anti-melee Talents. The only thing I would change is the stats it has.

  • Silvernail.

R - I think this is ok, but a bit overloaded. I would rework it so that his basic attacks reduces the cooldown of his ult instead.

E - This one is actually quite cool since it shows what potential style of ability casting zones can exist in Vainglory. Not really powerful or weak, but overall useful. So no rework.

L - One of the most oppressive Talents I say. I would rework it instead to give charges to his A and add a bonus effect that increases the zone size of the stake. For non-static values, maybe give him small increments in his basic attack range the more level the Talent has.

  • Skaarf.

R - This Talent is just too good. It’s design is ok, so maybe just nerf the damage a bit more.

E - Another underrated one, since it fixes Skaarf’s ult being slow to start up and slow to dish out its entire damage.

L - This is another one that I find decently strong while not being entirely weak. At least its damage is concentrated in the burning goop pools.

  • Skye.

R - Decent but not really used as often. The only thing I would touch is he Passive Crystal Power or remove it and enable Skye’s basic attack to reduce the cooldown of her B.

E - I think this one is like Joule’s E Talent, but much trickier to use. By the virtue of that, I think it can stay the way it is.

L - I like the effect of being able to basically penetrate all enemies, but I feel like the range increase is just there to give a sense of power. The rework I would give it is the removal of the extra range on her A that it gives.

  • Taka.

R - Very basic and the only thing I want to do to it is reduce the damage amp.

E - Doesn’t relly amplify the stats it of the B much, but I feel that the either the heal or the cooldown reduction should get hit.

L - This is is either very annoying or very useless. Personally, I dislike Taka so I don’t really see much benefit reworking this as it’s ok.

  • Tony.

R - Basic but synergistic with his playstyle and builds. Quite good, though I think it may need a tweak in the stats.

E - Strong when Tony is strong. Not bad at all.

L - Quite good if not underrated I suppose. I think it’s ok, but if there something to rework, maybe add an additional effect of increasing the B’s AoE size.

  • Varya.

R - This Talent was very annoying when Varya was a meta pick for both main and Brawl modes. Still pretty good I feel, though I’d rework it so that the stun is replaced with an effect that reduces the delay for casting the lightning spear.

E - Another simple and effective, though I would give it some extra effect such as basic attacking reduces the cooldown of the B just a tiny bit, increasing with levels.

L - The one with the most damage among Varya’s Talent, but also the one with the least usage I feel. I used it once and it was great, but only if the enemy is clustered and slow to dodge. Very good in choke areas. I think a slight rework would be to have it decrease the time for the lightning bolts to come down.

  • Vox.

R - A bit underrated and can be annoying for both the player and the enemy. Vox’s recent nerfs makes the cooldown decrease a bit detrimental as it’ll eat up energy more often. I think a rework for it will be to just give it the cooldown decrease, the extra travel range and an energy cost decrease.

E - It is strong, but falters against super burst Talents. No rework is needed, but I think the modification to maybe persistent Fortified Health that builds up and only fades after not basic attacking a few seconds, rather than fading after a few set seconds.

L - Very fun for the user, hell for the enemy. I think if it was demanded to be reworked, I think it should get an effect that increases the size of the B’s AoE wave and increasing the size of the ult’s hitbox.

  • Yates.

R - Quite a cheesy one, enabling quite a crazy snipe that just makes one laugh be it being the one doing the hooking or getting hooked. I would nerf its damage by a decent amount though.

E - Decent for what it aims to do, but I feel its stats may be a bit bloated.

L - Basic buffs to his ult, which tend to may feel a bit weak sometimes. Decent for a Legendary and not really overbearing.

That’s all for now I think. If you’ve reached this sentence, you either read it all (good on you) or was looking for a TL;DR (sorry, got none).

Hope you like all like it!


The Epic ardan talent isnt Broken anymore, It just has too little range.

If players bothers to buy Slumbering Husk, yes or maybe.

If not, I have free reign to almost one shot them with just an Aftershock, lol. I have it at level 5 and I have enough coins to get it to level 8, just not enough Glory yet.

It’s easy to get the B up and running quickly after using it. Just make use of his A and ult in tandem I say. To keep up with targets, always at least have Tier 2 Boots and a Pulseweave.

I play Ardan too often across the game modes (except BR because random RNG loves to hitch me up with weak heroes I would have never touch at all) and this has made me love and dislike him a little because that punch hurts even without the Talent, especially if the Ardan chooses his items properly.

Every defensive talent stops It.

That is true. I must have powered through every defence the enemy throws up with my team mates when I use the Epic Talent.

God with the new tension bow and stormcrown, its not really that hard to scale up the epic. I have had ardan s punch me through my slumbering husk to death. And yeah that’s just ardan.

I recently had a match against a kensei with epic maxed out. He kept on ****ing on objectives and literally 1v3 d our entire team…twice. It was my first time facing that talent and heck i would have broke my phone.
And oh yeah, the opponent had a fricking epic talent lance and gwen too. Its ridiculous when the opponent is going for both ur turret and miner, and ur entire team knows its a worthless effort to face either of them .

Mayn, we literally gave up with the first 9 points our enemy secured…under 40 sec. Seconds later the goldminer was secured too.
We just stood there, watching our turret go down, minions blow up, miner getting his ass wiped.
End result, i somehow managed to get a single kill of a fleeing kensei. Heck that guy literally got his team 12 points.

And no thank you. I am a sucker for graphics and non pay to win multiplayers. That is what drove me to this godforsaken game, goddamit.
I fricking cannot tolerate the nonsense that has been spouting lately.

At least balance the talents. It’s worse than eating horse crap to the health of the game that i once truly admired.