First try bois

Just got the Anka box and got her skin first try. Ya boi just pimped out his new main with the best splash art in the game lesgetit

And yet I could not get TP Grace :’^)

Anka should get a skin with a white cloak and they should name it Blanka :^). Nivvy boi we gotta get this to the skin department!!!


I never knew I needed this in my life until now. Yes please. :vgcheersx3:


Ikr I just got enlightened

30 3030

is it called blanka because white paper is blank?

skrub i got tp grace from the unowned legendary in the BP AND I DONT EVEN LIKE GRACE

Blanco is white in spanish, and since “o” is the masculine root in Spanish, you can change it to “a” which is the feminine root in Spanish, which happens to fit with her name perfectly…just gotta change the"c" to a “k” :^)


Blanka Anka


ngl I’m kind of for it.

What’s ankas skin splash art?



For her rare skin. It is probably one of the best splash arts in the game for me

Ooh I thought you meant Blanket :smiley:

Can you screen shot the splashart? I don’t have vg anymore and I wanna see it

Snuggle Anka can work too

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They could’ve have it more frostburn themed. The weapon could actually look more like frostburn. But, that would sort of make it look less like a dagger.

What if Frostburn…IS a dagger? : ^O

the skin is frostborn anka with an o though

I meant to say it was a missed opportunity. The skin is still cool though.