Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Today’s the day that the FF7 remake was originally scheduled to release prior to the delay until next month and now that the bombing mission demo was finally released to the public (officially, at least) yesterday, I couldn’t be more hyped for it. I preordered my copy a long time ago bc I absolutely knew I was going to get it and I had enough confidence in it to buy it many months in advance and playing the demo myself really confirmed all of my possible hopes for it.
I really like how they managed to extend the very short opening sequence into a somewhat lengthy one with much more character development early on, especially for the AVALANCHE members who didn’t really get the chance to get some in the original. The battle system was also a really pleasant surprise for me. I enjoyed how it was Kingdom Hearts-esque in the sense that it’s a bit of a button masher with dodging and blocking in between attacks as needed, but command spam is prevented through the ATB system, making their uses require some thought into them. Plus, the different character playstyles and seamless character swapping mid-battle really adds some extra variety and depth to it as well.
Has anyone else played the demo or is planning on picking it up next month? I really can’t wait for it to come out and I’m even tempted to jump in on the super obvious marketing ploy of buying candy bars for the Tifa PS4 theme and other DLC lol.


I plan on watching my fav streamers play it. After hands on playing the FF with Noctis, I kinds stopped playing any FF due to emotional trauma.

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I’m honestly really desensitized to all the major plot points (although my memory of discs 2 and 3 of the original are a bit fuzzy) by now, but I’m still interested to see how they’ll manage to make the well over 2 decades old story have the same impact it once had. I do think that everything being way more fleshed out is going to help though. Didn’t really feel as much as a ton of others for Aerith in the original (mainly bc I kept her benched out of the obvious prior knowledge) but I feel like I might more this time around with her having a more prominent role.

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I just completed my copy of the game and I enjoyed it a ton! I’m still pretty surprised how they really were able to turn the short Midgar section of the original into a complete game. However, I’m VERY conflicted on the major story change (that can’t really be talked about without going full-on spoiler mode) considering the future games are gonna be wildly different than the original story-wise. Regardless, I’m really looking forward to the next installments and I plan on replaying this one (eventually at least) on hard mode so I can get the platinum trophy for it.

Honestly Im fine with the changes. It gives something new to the older players though some of them might not like it.

I loved the expanded story bc of how it made the side characters like the avalanche trio MUCH more memorable and the allusions to the future events and the other party members make them a bit less random, but the major plot change felt kinda forced imo. I do like how they’re making the next parts of the story way less predictable, but I think they made it a bit unnecessarily convoluted now and the last chapter was really weird. It certainly was climactic, but it felt completely random and is probably really confusing for those that haven’t played the original or it’s spinoffs.