Figured Out How To Destroy Blueprints

If you go into the skins sections of heroes or the market, you’ll see a craft button. If you own the blueprint, you can click on craft, then tap on the shimmering blue image of the blueprint to pull up a menu. Ez… not really


yeah, took me awhile to find that as well. i first thought we couldnt destroy them until a later update…

@idmonfish this would be a useful. Like is underrated…

@D4rkHydr4 ayy ty
I spent like 10mins just searching for a section which showed my my blueprints but couldn’t find it lel

What do you get from destroying blue print?

Essence. (A fair amount of it.)

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i think its like 250?/500/700 esscence

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Pretty close - it’s 300/400/750.

Here’s the “Deep Dive” on crafting values now:

So, correct me if I’m wrong… but it seems like its not possible to get duplicate blueprints?

I owned “school day samuel” or Apprentice samuel as it was known. And i kept getting the card skins even though i already own it.

I didn’t think much of it because i just thought, next update i’ll be able to sell off the blueprint for essence.
but nope. there is no option to do that.

or is there?

it auto destroys BP when you get them, so you’ll get a large amount of esscence from a chest drop

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