Feed a Dev

You can feed a Dev for only 6 cents a day.

This post has no meaning.

I have no life.




more like give them your $10,000 while you’re at it

"For only 6 cents a day, you can make a difference in a Devs life. When people like YOU give, Devs like these can live healthy lives free from hunger. As soon as you make your commitment, you’ll receive a package with photos of your Dev, and their story.

It’s that moment, when you see the impact you’ve made, that you realize even though you can’t change the whole world, you can completely change THEIR world.

Don’t sit back, don’t ignore their pain, for 6 Cents a day you can save a Dev, and in the process change your own life. "


I don’t even have 6c to feed the devs, hot mercy somebody donate to me so I can keep the devs healthy!