Feasible idea? Sync in game guild/team chat with discord chats or other platforms

Since they added in game browsers like the vgpro stats, i think the in game guild/team chat can be synced with discord chats or other platforms like whatsapp or line. Otherwise these chats are pretty useless you are chatting with someone who is also online. Its definitely possible for discord using webhooks, you can have a separate channel that is synced to the in game chat. But for other messaging platforms probably not.


technically, it’s probably doable.

but ask yourself: would facebook and twitter merge chats?

it would take some serious negotiations from all parties involved.

Discord webhooks is public though im pretty sure, you just need the API for it (which SEMC creates or someone with their permission). You can already use webhooks to sync twitter, youtube, twitch, reddit, etc (i use IFTTT).

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ok, so i just searched webhooks, and it looks promising. I just wonder if it will clutter the U.I.

The whole point is to make the in game chat function more fun to use right?

I mean, look at the stats page. they kept it simple, most probably for the “clean” easy to read look. not because they can’t fit more info in, they probably could if they wanted to…

This is actually quite an intriguing idea.

It’s not like anyone uses the in game chat anyway.

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Yeah, the in game chat system SUCKS.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen exactly zero attention paid to the chat system in almost 2 years, so … :new_poop:

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I’d looooove to see this implemented. It would be neat if Discord could somehow manage its rich integration a’la League (and Fortnite I believe?) so users could see we were playing VG on mobile.

Some kind of discord sync would be really amazing, actually, and not just for chat. I’m dreaming of a time when the in-game guilds pages can automatically update to show a specific channel of a guild’s discord, like a “welcome” landing page or something. That’d be hella bitchin’. :cheers_minioncandy_t2:

There are probably issues with allowing users to display third-party content in-game that might not adhere to VG’s app rating, but I still want it.

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