Favorite Hero Team Comps

Iv wanted to make this thread for a while now but iv been procrastinating really hard on it. (At least 3 months)

What are your favorite Hero Team Comps? Im not talking about effectiveness im talking about fun.
Usually I aim for a theme
“The Royal Guard”: Cath, Grace, Lance
“Those who dont die”: Krul, Reim, Alpha
“Siege Monsters”: Saw, Baron, Skye

If im ever playing for fun i usually mess around trying to get those to happen because its entertaining. Sometimes i also try to match skins with everyone else.
“The Summer Party”: All summer party skins
“The Goth Kids”: Stock Skin Samuel, Star Queen Celeste, Stock Malene
“The Weaboos”: Moon Princess Celeste, Kurokage Idris, (newly added) Oni Kensei, Kyodo Kestral, Samurai Krul, Bakuto Ringo

Etc, etc you get the point

So what is everyones thoughts on this? Do you guys also do this sort of thing or am i just weird :joy:
And if so what are the ones you go for?

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The nether warriors: Ardan, Lance, Vox, fortress, kensei. This is probably my favourite.

The Forbidden Romance - BlackFeather, Malene

i also like Baron and Skye.

Wizard of OZ - tin man Alpha, Lion Glaive and Scarecrow Baptiste

I also like any combination of the Chinese new year skins. Gwen, Koshka and Reza

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I am waiting for Dorothy skin.
Malene fits this theme.

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Really like that Wizard of OZ comp (seems like it would be a usable in a match too)
That forbidden romance got me thinking…

“Third wheel”: Phinn

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How about the Mechanical Warriors - Baron, Skye and Joule

The Christmas Theme is also pretty good - Joule, Riem, Fortress and Rona (baby rona in Fortress’s skin) or her Easter bunny skin i guess :thinking:

royal gang: malene, celeste, ishtar, magnus

cuties: petal, flicker, grumpjaw

Dunno the names of the skin but you’ll get it
The rainbow pacc: lyra, skaarf, koshkha, glaive and
celeste(moon princess).
Ice for the price : reim, skaarf, glaive anka, cath
Hell’a nice: netherknight reza, vox, ardan ,fortress and lance
The knights: cath (E) lance(default) ,ylva medieval, yates(crimson wolf(

Slightly cheating considering it’s only available in one for all but obligatory “OZO OZO OZO OZO OZO”. I think the team comp for this one is just slightly obvious. :ozo:

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X Doubt


you and your kind disgust me


In that case dont forget about the OG Mech warriors Arden and Saw

Aw, c’mon guys - the spooky squad! The trickster or treaters! The Halloween Heroes!

  • Pumpkin Spice Petal
  • Scarecrow Baptiste
  • Trick or treat Malene
  • Black Cat Flicker
  • Bewitched Celeste

Tbh, right now with the current meta, that’s a darn good squad!

Headless idris is now very sad

Dude! You’re right. Totally forgot. Who should we take out? That’s a great halloween skin.

I’d put Ardan and Saw into the cyborg / Android Team - together with Alpha and Kensei

Fair point (had to look at kenseis art because i never realized he was a cyborg) but what about Warhawk? The way his armor is set up i cant tell if he belongs to either group, im leaning towards cyborg so its a full team comp

How DARE you forget the third wheel Phinn :lanceheresy:

Also that would change the name of the comp to…

The Problematic Fairytale:
• Melon has a split personality disorder
• BF has the case of extreme narcissism
• And Phinn who has to deal with both of their bull💩 but in reverse is a sheep to herder BF


lol - i deliberately left him out. The Lore puts so much strain on poor Phinn. He’s such a Gentleman for putting up with all that.


But in itself Phinn is a sheep who would listen to whatever BF says.

In the first lore part, he (Phinn) thinks it the healthiest when avoiding drama but the irony is that they’re kidnapping Melon at the same time :joy:

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