Fault, a Paragon-like game

Just found this randomly on twitter and wondered if anyone here also knew about it. It’s a 3rd person moba like paragon and in fact has the character assets from paragon that they will be putting into this game, so if you’ve ever played paragon those characters will apparently return in this upcoming game. It’s currently early access and recently got PlayStation partner so console at some point.

I’m interested in this just cuz this means I can try what paragon was like now. Was quite excited for paragon but never got to play it but seeing now a successor to it I hope this does well.


Damn, they actually did it. I remember hearing about this way back when Paragon died, it was just a demo back then.

How is this legal though, did they license the characters in some way?

I remember when paragon was shut down that the assets of all characters and other stuff was released for the public to use for free