Farming and cs changes

With the change from gold gain cs to actual monster kills I find it hard to find my target cs in games.

What is now considered good cs per minute. It is much harder now to obtain the same cs numbers.

Can someone comment for both 3v3 and 5v5?

I think 72 Cs In 10 mins for 5v5 and 90 Cs in 10 mins for 3v3 is the max possible . Aim for 6-7 Cs/min in 3v3 and 5-6 Cs/min for 5v5. I did some calculations to arrive at this rate but I don’t know if these are right, just based on my research


So 10% deducted from normal cs.

For some reason those numbers don’t look right to me. I don’t think it changed that much in 3v3 because of how they averaged the value for 1 CS prior to the change. It used to be 40g gave you 1 CS. A wave was worth 340+80=200g. So 4 CS in the old patch. It’s still 4 CS but you only get 185g (335+80).

The CS hasn’t really changed at all, you’re looking at it backwards, it’s the amount of gold you get for the CS (which dropped by about 7.5% in the lane). But you should still be pulling the same CS numbers in 3v3.

Dowsey posted the numbers for 5v5 and you should be aiming for 7 come mid game and then 8 is possible, but those are perfect CS numbers so it’s unlikely anyone will see them, not even the best laner NA. Just stay ahead of your enemy. Everything else is par for the course.

5v5 is more about team gold management than about personal CS counts anyway. Especially come mid to late game.