[fanmade hero lore] Antar lore (part 1)

Here ya go y’all, my next piece. I’m not entirely happy with the ending but it was taking too long so I just left it like that. Poetry isn’t exactly my strong suit either. If you haven’t read Antar’s kit, check him out here:

On top of a dune, two lone men stood, gazing across the sands that lay before them. “two days.” The elder of the two stated, pointing his spear in the direction only he knew to take.
“We cannot afford that much time. Many of us will not make that journey.” The younger’s voice was almost demanding.
The elder sighed. “I can do many things, Idris, but the passage of time is uncontrollable.”
“then we must move quickly. We travel through the cool of night, and rest during the day. We take as much as we need, but as little as we can.” The two men turned back toward the camp below. Even for experienced warriors, the Shimmer was not a place to stray from company.

That evening, the Tents were rolled, the goats loaded, and the people assembled. The old man tailed the group, spear in hand as always, his load of scrolls tied around his waist. He may have been a warrior by profession, a soldier of the glass city, but his life’s work lay in the words written on those scrolls. He picked one up and opened it.

The lone goat’s bleat
As it battles the sand
Losing to the heat
Swallowed, by invisible hand
Below, animal becomes beast
As dark powers feast
And the creature of victim
Joins as one when bitten
And so goes the cycle on repeat
As all to chaos turn
Until last life falls in defeat
To the evil of the Churn.

He could only hope that they weren’t too late. He should have seen it coming. He had seen it coming, he should’ve told someone. Warned them. He could’ve saved the city. “Don’t be too harsh on yourself, Antar” Idris fell into step alongside. “You should be caring for the Injured” Antar retorted, wishing to be left alone. The reply was, as so often when Idris spoke, surprising, but never the less comforting. “I am. You are more injured than you let on.”
“only mentally.”
“Mental injuries are the worst kind.”
“and rightly so.” Antar looked Idris in the eyes. “I deserve all the pain I get.” Idris shook his head. “You deserve no such thing. You did not summon the Churn, it would have come regardless. Even if you had told someone, who would’ve believed you? Magic was never appreciated in the glass city, as you know well. And that is the fault of the founders, nothing to do with you.”

The two walked in silence for some time, Antar contemplating his leader’s words. “And besides” Idris eventually said, “What you have done for us now shows that your intent is good.”

Thanks for taking the time to read it, Hope you liked it! I’ve got a new hero on the way so that’ll appear soon.