Fan- skin Summer party skin Cath

Not enough Summer party skin. Here’s Summer party Cath. And sorry for low quality work. I’m too lazy xD


Yo the anchor makes a lot of sense. I like this idea. I could totally see this be a thing especially with cough Kestrel’s skin being a thing


Yo it looks great man really hope SMEC takes this and runs with it

-Added some color
-Used color pallete from winter war cath SE



30 chars

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If posible i will rework this so get better quality work and bigger buubs and more thicc. If im not lazy

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wowww nice!!!

Necro-bumping this in celebration of summerparty cath skin anounced!

They already announced a skin but your skin is pretty dope too


i might be showing my age by making this comment:

but why hasn’t anyone made the comparison to BAYWATCH yet~!!!



What I really want to know is what her shield ability will be? Are they going to make her shield a reskin of lorelie or maybe make it a lifepreserver/towel/umbrella

Also calling it now her silence is going to be a wave splashing/tsunami looking effect

Her stomach gone…

30 uh…


Well, all I can say is that it doesn’t look like Justin or Michelle did that concept art …

I get fury Rona concept art vibes from it , I think it’s Justin .