Fan Made 5v5 Ranked Match Loading Screen Concept

Hey I made a concept art of a new 5v5 match loading screen. I had so much fun making this! I hope you guys like this too.


I like it , it’s better than the current one and the important thing it gives us old vg vibes and the creativity .


I saw this on Twitter the other day – it’s SOOOOOOOO much better than the real one!!!


This is how they should have redesigned the old loading. :money_mouth_face:

Looks really nice! Solves the problem of the “VS” graphic obscuring the top middle guild tag, and reintroduces the diagonal (which is waaaay more interesting than simple boxes). I’m also glad you kept the skin name text in white - the colors were always too distracting for me. Overall, this gives the screen more energy, while still feeling solid and harmonious. I’m not sure I love the diagonally placed text though - it’s a little hard to read quickly, which isn’t a problem for veteran players, but isn’t ideal for newer players. You might think about adding a horizontal space above and below the hero images to place the text.

Sort of like this, but with a touch more breathing space, maybe?

Really nice work, @Ellezner !!


This is very nice. I’d love to see the loading screen change to this with HipsterSkaarf’s suggestion


Aww thank you! I didnt expect a lot of you to like this redesign. Hope to make more in the future just for fun.


Ohhh that’s really neat! Love the font and text formation you did!

I actually considered doing something like that. But I realized that we, new players and old players, could always check out the skin name at the main menu and shop tab. I aimed for clean and sleek style that would still have the info we need to know in the loading screen. I also thought that a match doesnt immediately start after we pick our heroes and we have enough time to read the names of the skin and hero in the loading screen hence the reason for the diagonal but still somewhat readable placement.

I also find the different colored names too distracting and out of place. They could always indicate the rarity of the skin by use of emblems, borders, etc.
Well this could be improved in many ways just like what you did.
Thanks again! Im happy that you liked my mini project!


Is that a blurred background of Sovereign’s Rise? If so, I’d love to see a 3v3 sample with the Fold in the background. Why can’t SEMC just use this? Send them the file and get paid a little?

I actually like the fact you have mastery stars on display. Something that still doesn’t work consistently. I also like that both teams are on display. Nice job!


Love this. There’s too much happening in the current one, and the giant plain rectangles aren’t helping either. TAKE NOTES, SEMC!


I got Rona in ARAL and picked her bunny LE skin and when the loading screen appeared the golden vainglory logo wasn’t there after the game I checked the skin and its there , I think it’s happened because the logo part of the skin splash art or something and they didn’t catch the logo I guess , that’s why your loading screen better , you respected Rona vainglory golden logo .

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Why yes. Yes it is! <3 I think that SEMC could use more of their own beautiful art in different ways. So I used it to make the background