Fan hero: Creekos

Creekos is a Meekos, just like Petal. He has green and yellow fur and large ears like her. Unlike Petal though, he is a colossal creature (roughly the same in-game size as Glaive) of formidable strength. He wears a sort of backpack with all kinds of things he scavenges throughout his travels. It’s made out of the same kind of leather as Petals hat.

Creekos is a very flexible hero. He is primarily a jungler, but he can work in the lane and in a roaming position as well. He prefers weapon and defense items in most of his builds. His difficulty is medium. His skills aren’t very complex, but he has traps and setups that require some thought to pull of.

Heroic perk: Though Guy

Any damage that would deal less than 5-10% of Creekos’ maximum health will only deal half as much damage. Additionally, Creekos heals twice as much health and energy out of combat when in a bush.

A: Bramble Blaster

Creekos takes a dried brambleboom seed out of his backpack and lobs it at the targeted location. The seed explodes upon impact with the ground, dealing damage in an area and knocking enemies back a little. The explosion leaves a crater for 15 seconds that slows enemies that pass through it very slightly.

  • when Creekos activates this skill when standing on an already existing crater, he carefully puts a brambleboom seed in the crater. This seed has the same effect as throwing one, but only upon impact with an enemy hero. It automatically explodes when it is destroyed (3 ticks of damage) or after 15 seconds.
  • whenever Creekos puts a seed in a crater, the 15 second timer will refresh, meaning that the seed will remain for another 15 seconds, always. Seeds are invisible in bushes unless revealed by a flare or scout, or certain abilities.
  • this skill has both a weapon and a crystal ratio. When Creekos has 150 crystal power, the explosion of this skill may leave the enemy with a mortal wound.

B: Gnawvine
A gnawvine sprouts in a selected crater. A gnawvine snaps at enemies that come too close, dealing damage and applying a mortal wound. When threatened, a gnawvine spits acid at enemies, dealing damage over time and applying a decaying slow.

  • there can only be a total of three gnawvine plants on the map at once. Gnawvines stay indefinitely until they are either destroyed or whenever Creekos summons a fourth one (the first instantly vanishes).
  • gnawvines have 2-2-3-3-5 ticks of health. Abilities can damage the gnawvines too, but there’s a 0,4s cooldown before the following tick of damage can be done by an ability. This is to prevent units like Skaarf or Skye to mow the gnawvines down too fast.
  • gnawvines are invisible in a bush unless revealed by a flare or scout, or certain abilities.
  • poison damage doubles against enemies with a mortal wound. The poison damage also has a significant crystal ratio.

Ultimate: Rampage
Creekos wraps himself in a cocoon for four seconds, making him completely immobile. During this channel time he heals himself and all allied units near him over time. He also gains three charges for his A, that can (and have to be) used before the channeling is done. After four seconds, the cocoon bursts open and Creekos comes out with butterfly wings that grant him bonus movement speed and a health barrier for 4-6-8 seconds

  • the three brambleboom seeds that can be lobbed out of the cocoon during the channel have bonus range and don’t cost any energy. They have to be used before the channel is over though, because the charges won’t stay afterwards.
  • Creekos’ perk effect doubles during the channel. So at level 12, when all damage that would deal less than 10% of Creekos’ max health deals only half as much damage, this health percentage is doubled to less than 20% of max health. This makes it very hard to kill Creekos during his long channel time when combined with the constant healing.
  • when the cocoon bursts all craters instantly spawn gnawvines. Use the three free charges of his A to make craters in such a way that they cut off enemy escapes when the gnawvines spawn.
  • Creekos cannot be slowed when the bonus movement speed is in play.

Creekos is a melee zoner. He shrugs off low damaging attacks easily and heals the little health lost back in no time, making him very sustainable. He is vulnerable to burst damage though, since his perk doesn’t protect him against burst and he has no immediate escape. If you place your traps right though, Creekos will be hard to engage upon to burst him down.

His A is vital to his playstyle. Crater placement is very important, because you need to have craters around for setting up traps. The seed explosions can push multiple enemies around, possibly into planted seeds or gnawvines.

His B is used to wall enemies out. They can also be used as bait as the ranged acid attack is really annoying to deal with for an enemy, especially if that enemy also has a mortal wound. This means that enemies will try to destroy the gnawvines as quickly as possible, possibly baiting the enemy into overextending. If you want to play as a crystal power zoner, this skill ensures you deal very high damage over time with the acid attack, creating a unique playstyle.

His ult is potentially very dangerous, but it also has a very long windup. Creekos isn’t useless during this windup though, since he can lob three long ranged explosives at the enemy team while healing his own team. The three charges can be thrown in such a way that they can cut of enemy escapes when the gnawvines sprout shortly after when Creekos bursts out of his cocoon.


I’m not tall, you’re just lying down. Hehe. (when he kills an enemy hero)
Creekos will make you squeakos.
Who’s a good little carnivorous plantie? You are, yes you are.
Shh, there it comes. closer… cloooser SNAP, hehehe.
Has anyone seen a small bunny thing around here? She’s tiny, has a nice hat, uh, pet onions, anyone?
Blast it all (death quote)


I like everything except his size. Unless he is some freakishly oversized giant he cannot be the same species as Petal.

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That’s kind of the point. The meekos are known to be pretty flimsy and small creatures, so the joke is to that Creekos is pretty metal for a meekos. Thanks for the feedback though.

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If you work that out lorewise it could work. The Goliath among the meekos. Ridiculed for his size now looking for Petal to take her down an prove himself.

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or they love and he searching for her to propose :heart_eyes_cat: