Fan hero: bleeko (gary)

do you guys remember this?
Image result for flicker lore

i was thinking to make a hero based of this picture.

““Fairies are quite useful weapons,” muttered Flicker. “The stinging, the choking dust and the hypnotic effect of the light patterns have destroyed many a malevolent Meekos.””

so inspirational

i need a name though so for now he will be called gary

After gary uses an ability his next movement command is replaced by a jump. this deals crystal damage where he takes of and wp damage where he lands.

A ball of fairy dust is shot into a target area. this deals an area slow and damage in a slightly larger area
overdrive: increase range of perk jump & gain a second charge

this is a blockable skill shot of a different fairy dust. this stuns in a small area and deals damage in a larger area.
overdrive: increase the range of the perk jump

a different type of fairy dust is shot which deals damage in a large area. this blinds all targets hit. they get a reduced vision range and cannot target things outside of their reduced vision range.
passive: afetr using an ability gary gets an aura of fairy dust around his beetle. if using his a he gets an aura that deals dot damage. suing hsi b applies a slowing aura. using his ult applies an aura that fears if you have more cp than wp and taunts if you have more wp than cp. upgrading this abilbiity increase the range and duration of the aura. the auras can stack but if the ult is used the other auras are put on hold until its duration is over.

so gary is melee basic attacks. he is either a kite mage or a brawler and enjoy i have to go now by


Javelaunch the catapult beetle.

The perk works more naturally with joystick imo

i don’t use joystick… i was thinking about varya’s b ability movement