Fair games so far

I have played a total of 4 ranked 5v5 games and they have been very fair so far (I lost all 4 of them though). The only thing that frustrates me is split pushers never wanting to join in on team fights and it ends up causing us to lose because of an open lane that Noone really pays attention to anymore (I am aware that it would be our teams fault for not paying attention to the lane).

Always pay attention to the map. 3 or 4 enemies need not to have 5 people on them to win

WP KOSHKA??? The heck how did THAT work?

Going back to the topic, it IS frustrating when split pushers don’t want to join in in fights. HOWEVER, you should always stick together with your other teammates and have the proper comunication with them(PINGS) and execute the teamfight to the best ability. This still enables out team to win, (I was Kestrel) and they managed to help me lead the enemy team to my Mist Traos. They already had the spellfire effect on them, and the moment they went into the traps, they blew up, scoring me my first triple kill in 5v5. The Top Laner just finished and cleaned up afterwards and we got ACE and Blackclaw while our SAW was just splitpushing all the time we were in the teamfight.

Side question why is there a no build ringo

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Wp Koshka is not the worst… Wp koshka with SM and PS :rofl::joy::joy_cat:

@Satanicsoldier people sell their builds when they are done playing… #noobs

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can;t have people steal his quality build, I mean look at the KDA, what a legend.

He sold all his items before the game ended.