Exoframe Skye by Lucas Parolin

More of the concept art on Lucas Parolins ArtStation

Honestly I hope this skin theme gets more space/animeish skins! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I like her face in that first picture. Is it me or does she lowkey look botched in the official splash-art?

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Decide for yourself … I’m totally digging those freckles :heart_eyes:

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Honestly I dont see any trace of korean in her…

Not a major problem but…

And yes, she looks a little botched if you look to closely, try to squint with your eyes and then its back to being perfect :potoo:

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I don’t understand what you mean by “botched.”

Yeah, it seems most characters have a more generic look these days.

I mean it as Skye got plastic surgery and therefore it looks a little wonky, and not the way it was supposed to look in the end result (Example: Exoframe Skye). Compared to her face before and in other skins of course.

If Exoframe skye wasnt on her mech and was alone in the splash art, I wouldn’t think she would be the korean mech pilot Skye


Ah, comprendo. And I agree – she doesn’t look at all like the Skye of the original T1-T3 skins or the lore illustrations.