Excoundrel Premier League

Humanist is casting the NA matches!! If you miss VG tournements check out Twitch.

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anyone been watching today? Qlash won over Queso in best of 5.

i think they’re doing NA EPL finals right now.

edt: live stream is over.

Tbh without TSM it wasn’t as exciting. Tribe clearly is the best team in NA right now by far.

Nova is still there, and theyve won more than lose against TB

Do people watch just for the end result? i watch to improve my rotations and drafting. CC chaining, crucible blocks (which i’m not good at). i’m not just watching for the hell of it.

i analyse each player’s strengths and weaknesses. itemization.

Last hitting jungle creeps and leaching them to a safe spot is something i learnt from watching. It’s one of my strongest skills now. Turret dives is another skill i learnt how to do safely.

I’m eager to try out that cancer grumpjaw TB build. lol. I don’t understand how to select the respawn so quickly after swallowing a hero though.