Evil darkest VG desires

What’s everyone’s evil(or not) darkest desires or dreams in Vainglory?

For example: The thing that gives me the most joy is playing Catherine, using my bubble and stepping in front of CP Joule’s ult…every.single.time.

Or specially saving my stun for every time Skaarf ults

Or just running around sticking mines everywhere and targeting Taka whom I so dearly hate just to piss off the player since I love playing Celeste :smiley:
(And yes I have succeeded once before…a Taka player once went AFK because he couldn’t box up without my team seeing him kekekeke)

So what do you secretly get a lot of joy from when playing VG?

Sorry if this is in the wrong section

Edit: Please note I don’t do this every match…im not a troll… :slight_smile:


When i see gwen running away from me


When koshka or gwen gets stunned and the whole team jumps em

Once I used SAW, I baited Gwen to poke me the Koshka ulted her and her B was inactive and I overdrove A.

Baiting turret dives when low on health against a full health tank, outplay to get a kill and walk away. The best person to do that now is SF kestrel, place trap and poke to proc SF then bait under turret for stun and unload everything .


Using Catherine’s Bubble when BF had his old execute damage :sunglasses:


Wait I thought Joule’s ult is dps/dot type of dmg so Cath’s bubble can’t do anything?

the damage is still over the limit of damage cath would take if she has her bubble on

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Stealking objectives with Flicker. Especially in early game!

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It can be reflected but the refected damage is so small. It’s like half of the ult.

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When I get stunned as Gwen and an entire team jumps me only for me to Skeddadle away hehehe

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Or buying frostburn on Catherine and watching everyone get slowed by their own attacks when I hit B

1v1 ing cocky carries with roamers.

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Killing cocky enemies who spams the taunts then taunt back when they die…ahhh the feeling. Then they try to kill you for revenge but you outplay them :smiling_imp:

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Has anyone successfully pulled a penta kill with churnwalker chaining 5 enemies on low health? That would be my most darkest desire…

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I’ve seen a churn get a penta stun. It was amazing.

…didn’t know this…but it’s still fun :slight_smile:

That’s mean Gwen was in for Operation f-ked since I overdrove my A which deals extra CP damage based on 40% of the target’s missing health and I built full crit which was gonna beef up my A since it’s also a basic attack and also, Gwen was stunned and damaged by Koshka’s ult.

I like to focus on enemy players who are obviously focused on me, and return their favors heavier than they deliver.

Sometimes, when laning, I’ll try to pay close attention to the enemy and see how focused they are on landing the occasional ability on me while farming. I’ve always enjoyed egging them on, kind of a pseudo-taunt by approaching them and letting them waste different abilities, then poke the ever-living hell out of them.

As Lyra, I very much enjoy using a teleport on an enemy running away directly in their path so they walk straight into it into their death. Or, going with my first point, waiting until they’re very angry and borderline chasing me for a kill, then teleporting myself into the turret, so it focuses them and annihilates them.

When Lorelai, I like to get enemies following me, then throw her A underneath myself as to stun them mid-chase, just to see the reaction.

I like to taunt as Baptiste when my Ult is charged. I also like to use the Ult on the Kraken, gotta send 'em on their way to defend their lane, you know?

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Sniping the vain or onenofnthe dragons with a Celeste ult. Especially if thebeltnis maxed… So satisfying…

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