Everyone i have idea feature about Vainglory Crossplatform?

From where I test the Vainglory Crossplatform

I want to add a setting more on VG Crossplatform

1.Replay Zoom In-Out / Rotate same on app ( Can zoom i’m recommend use mouse scroll wheel click and drag for rotate 360 degree ) now but can zoom in-out in playgame by scroll wheel can’t use in replay
[ Click Scroll wheel + Drag / Rotate view 360 ]
[ Scroll wheel in & out / Zoom in and Zoom Out ]

2.Can change Setting edit Buttom exam Shop

3.Setting graphic ( Low , Medium , High )

4.Game Crash error sometime i’m will select heros but Black Screen

5.Can setting block open shop when sometime i’m click shop in jungle lol ( Mobile have this setting )

6.I think some Heros use hard skills exam skill Ultimate can click All area Baron , Yates , Krestel , Celeste except use unlock camera mode :joy::joy::joy::joy: