Ever wonder what winning trolls look like?

things to notice:

  • Samuel did more healing than Roam Grace.
  • Grace’s side kick Kestrel the sheep died 12 times with only 2k healing. Heck, even A.I. Ringo did more healing than Kestrel.

We won because I pushed mid with Samuel, the midlane god. The enemy rotated midlane so much i was expecting them to surrender… they didn’t…

This 30 minute game would’ve been over alot faster if those winning trolls didn’t make such bad decisions.

So this is what a bunch of winning trolls look like. Never teamfighting, always on their own, taking the wrong dragon (giving it away to the enemy)… taking a dragon when we didn’t even need it on the final push…

Petal died, ringo died and i secured the crystal on my very last M&V before dieing as well… meanwhile grace and kestrel has successfully taken the dragon.

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You weren’t hard carrying though. Your damage is rather low… The difference between you and those “trolls” is very very small.

In fact that Kestrel dealt more damage than you.


lol always a bitter comment. gEez.

they did okish. but just made really bad decisions. damage done just means they contributed. they still made bad decisions that could’ve cost us the match if we didn’t defend.

i never said i hard carried. i pushed. there’s a difference. taking objectives, not kills. In fact, every kill i got is mostly collateral damage from trying to take a turret.


This is an insightful post. Also much more interesting to read.

On paper both that Grace and Kestrel seemed to have done their job.

Bad decision making is everywhere nowadays :disappointed_relieved:

About that healing, you have it in your kit and had Eve. Why no FB on Sam though? FB over MJ in my book it offers as much if not more safety.

You had 2 energy items CW and Eve plus DE so your core damage per hit was rather low. Which is okay if you go 4 CP items but not when doing 3 items. I think there was a missed shot.

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I’m one of those players who priorities defense. I’m picking up t1 armor and shield in the early game… t2 in the mid game… t3 late game.

because i know the damage i do is based on one single factor - whether it connects. period.

even if i’m not getting many deaths, i still go at least 1 T3 defence by mid game.

oh… another thing… i infuse… alot…

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But defense is nigh worthless this patch…
Aegis is okay MJ is just not worth it…

You have build in lifesteal with Sam that scales with CP. If you want to go tanky pick a bruiser like Rona or a captain hero with offense


yeh i know. i’ve gone full glass cannon with Samuel before.

i needed to tank damage. nobody helping me push… except A.I ringo. GOOD ol A.i.

it wassn’t until i pushed all the way to the base i was getting help.

edit: it must be nice to login few days later and find out you won that match you abandoned.

Also note - we took 5 turrets total… they took 9 of our turrets…


What match? I rarely ever abbandon a match.
I did have some connection issues


:laughing: you know i didn’t mean you as in you right? talking in general terms :sweat_smile:

i’ve never abandoned a match as well. I can only imagine the feeling…

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The benefit of samuel is sustain in his kit and his wicked Aoe dmg. Going 4 CP items like Eve DE FB SF aegis JB will give you the sustain to survive. The aoe dmg will help you out heal the dmg done to you.

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You mean like how the enemy Samuel built?

yeh, i’m well aware of his wicked sustain from just CP items. I usually build eve… and whatever after that is situational… maybe DE… maybe SF…

i like clockwork purely for the CD. DD after DD after DD… its crazy. i really like Spell Fire for the mortal wounds as well… i build that if i’m up against any healers.

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I have a sneaky suspicion that defence is actually the same and they just “told” everyone that it got changed… like when they said baron’s WP scaling got nerfed but stayed the same…

Just a hunch… :zipper_mouth_face:

3/5 enemies were healers :thinking: what do you mean against healers? CW can work but CW and Eve together mean low CP :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I make that mistake myself too. Raw CP> utility CP. So when building 3 items you need 2 raw CP items with 85+ CP to dent anyone. With 4 items you can go 50/50.

55+40+85=180 CP on your first hit. That is your build.
Your build gets surpassed by Eve/Cw+SG which are only 2 items.

Eve+Fb+Sg= 55+85+150=290CP on your first hit with the same 3 slots

4 items
FB+Eve+DE+BM/CW is damage and utility in one build.

Enemy Sam had AS CW Eve he had 3 utility CP items and only 2 raw CP so his CP per slot Ratio is very low without scalability

I mean a hero with a healing ability…

going full glass cannon would’ve been fine if I had some help pushing. Isn’t it evident that the reason why i needed to heal myself so much is because i got focused down alot?

Sometimes strategy calls for different builds.

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Alpha has a lot of healing in her kit.
There was a SM
Andenemy Samuel had a lot of healing too …

yeh alpha was such a pain to deal with… luckily everyone focused her when she jumped me.

I think the enemy just got outplayed. skill wise. skye’s forward barrage kept missing. skaarf’s goop was always misplaced… i pulled off some wicked ults putting 3 heroes to sleep… gwen just got out ranged by my M&V…

Ya know what are worse than that?
Blackouts and devices running outta juice

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