[eu] vain union guild/server

If you have good communication skills, willingness to learn, practice and are able to give/take constructive criticism as well as being considerate and respectful of guild mates, then you are just the person we need.

▸ T8 both 5v5/3v3 (new recruits)
▸ Play with guild members
▸ No toxicity allowed: Respect guildies
▸ No smurfs allowed
▸ Discord: https://discord.gg/Zmy5yaw
*Removal: Breaking the rules above^, not participating in guild events (no need to be in a guild if you won’t be active with us)

▸ Mon: Union Fight Nite (Anyone Welcome)
▸ Wed: Brawl Stars (Discord members)
▸ Fri: Guild Practice
▸ Sun: Movie night

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