EU Server problem?

Is the eu server having problem now? My ping is so high. In my last match, enemy Saw and our Lyra sometimes froze in place as well.

And what who is this Annoynimous Idris?


You have no idea how satisfying it is to know that this lag is being experienced over all regions. It’s not just SEA. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll finally do something about it.

yes everyone on eu is lagging atm

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why would you wish lag for other people lmao that’s so messed up

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It’s a dark desire of mine. May every server lag so much that they are forced to fix it. Previously, it was isolated to SEA, and they don’t give a flying F. You have no idea how long SEA players are suffering this…

if it does get fixed, then SEMC are incredibly biased towards EU.

Sea lag is a meme at this point.

I was the Reza that game where my team decided to go all ape sh it going all cp at first then forcing me into jungle but thats beside the point, I had a little bit of lag here and there but it wasnt anything extreme until my roommates came back :confused:

Edit: I never noticed the idris 0-0

I guess this is the idris but idk why it didnt show his name for you.

Has worked perfectly fine for me today. :man_shrugging:

Yes, I had lags/high ping + the “everything stopped while I can move, can’t do anything else” making me need to reconnect. This on stable connection, so defo some problems.

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I have played with please focus my roam…
Hillarious name.

I’ve also seen a"I go mid or you dodge"…