EU server down the drain?

I have 46k ping it keeps disconnecting and meanwhile I have a ping of 9ms on my phone and 100mbit download speed.

Serverside so bad it cost me the game.

So now 5 losses in a row in 5v5 all because of how horrible the game is. Bad matchmaker. Bad server. Bad teammates who can’t draft at all.

How can we still play this shit?

The game needs like 5 quality of life patches in a row to feel playable…

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I feel like we must be playing on different servers because my ping has been alright most of the time and the few times it wasn’t, the problem was on my end. MMR has been alright after the tier fix and all that so far, games have been pretty even in terms of skill when I played solo/duo.

I get poa enemies while listed as t5 myself after the fix even…

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