Essential Characters to buy

Sup it’s sauce here and I’m getting back into VG after [REDACTED] years off

What are the essential heroes I should buy getting back into this game after so long? Which are trash and which are interesting to play?

Caine, Leo, Malene, San Feng, Grace, Anka, Yates, Ylva and Lyra are meta at high tiers.

Krul, Petal, Saw, Idris are trash.

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Good suggestions - and welcome to the community! Petal has a small niche in 3v3, but that’s it. Krul and Saw are completely dead, I agree. Idris in the right hands can be okay. If this player hasn’t played in a while, I’m not sure he/she needs to be overly concerned with high tier meta.

I’d add Catherine to your list of meta high tier, and I still feel Magnus and Celeste remain very strong.

is Blackfeather still a contender ? I know he still kicks arse in blitz, but i wonder if i should use him in ranked.

I find him more viable in 3v3 than in 5v5. He’s still a pretty strong duelist on the Halcyon fold. He can get clapped a bit too easily in 5v5.

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