Epic ‘Netherknight’ Reza skin + lore!


Whispers, moans and shrieks of the dead are heard while using abilities

O m g


Holy smokes that skin is sick. Go SEMC!

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I see what you did there :wink:

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splash art is truly a thing semc is really good at.
now we need the same for fair marketing and then we will get a really good game.


That splash art deserved a legendary skin, but this skin has sound effects, awesome model change, ability changes… and it’s only epic, so I’m not gonna complain, more ice for me.


“Epic” skin :okx99: SEMC it’s your profits ig


I was skimming (really) quickly and I saw

  • Dark red ashy smoke effects

I read it as “daddy smoke effects” and I swear to god I almost had a heart attack


god i would kill for this, like the eggplant and heart effects you get when you choose the right option in dream daddy


Now for a netherknight laner…

This skin looks very nice though. Well I might get the blueprint a couple months from now…

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But Reza and Lance can lane fairly well ;-;…

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praying to RNGesus


Yeah but can they shoot all three?

Uuuuuh does everyone forget Fort could be the third nether hero who can cover jungle and captain while Lance can cover all 3 roles .-.

If Fortress gets another edgy flame/demon/hell skin I’m going to have to call malarkey and protest outside SEMC headquarters.

Maybe they’ll invite me in and I can meet all their artists :slight_smile:


Omg when I saw the end of the spotlight…finally doing my baby some justice.

Uuuuh I am talking about his current nether skin kek. Isn’t netherknight lance linked to Netherworld Fort?

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I was gonna complain: If it’s only epic, I get less sunlight for using it, making me wanna go with the SE one (the look of which I really don’t like) over it. It should be legendary.

Yes, then I forgot. They’re not very memorable skins.

The SE skin is an epic too, it gives 66% bonus sunlight, which is as much as the epic.

I could’ve sworn all SE skins give a 100% bonus