Enerel: The untrue Gythian

Made in collaboration with Med (Bh02)
First Vainglory hero designed. Please leave feedback

Health 725 (+25)
Mana: 380 (+32)
Attack range 5.5
Armour 25 (+3)
Shield 15 (+3)
Weapon power: 0 (+0)

Healing attacks: His basic attacks heal enemies or allies. You can basic attack allies.

Healing enemies applies mortal wounds however doesn’t reduce your healing on them.

Heal 75/100/125 on levels 1, 6 and 12. He heals at the cost of his own health pool

Friendly foe fire: Passive: Every 20 seconds 3 subsequent basic attacks on an enemy stun the enemy.

Active: Stuns the nearest ally/enemy. Does no damage. Cooldown: 17/14.5/9

B: Plants a temporary shop anywhere on the map usable by enemies and allies. Lasts 5/9/14 seconds

Ult: Judgement: Every time he stuns an enemy, he gains a stack up to a max of 5 stacks. He loses the stack after 2.5 mins after he hasn’t stunned an ally/enemy. His ult consumes the number of stacks he has to either heal an ally or deal massive damage to an enemy

Healing: 400/600/800 + 25 per stack (+0.5 bonus health up to a cap of 100 bonus)
Damage 300/400/500 + 15 per stack (15% CP bonus up to a cap of 100 damage bonus)
Cooldown: 90/75/60

If the damage from ult was to land the killing blow, the enemies are left at 1 HP instead of dying

They think they’re so smart do they? Thought Enerel. He knew that humans always wanted to challenge the natural order. Order and discipline is what he lived by. Always grumpy and despised young-uns because they didn’t know how life ‘worked’. He had a request from the gythian head mage to set up an impossible challenge that’d kill whoever took it. Hah. Petty human problems. If she wants them so bad why not just kill them directly? Cowardice. But alas, the reward in money was more than most people could dream of. Besides, he quite wanted to go back to his home country, Gythia no matter how bland it was.

Soon after he arrived, the challenge was completed. Not too hard to mirror someone. They can’t beat themselves when their shadow self can’t be killed but they can. He, however caught a glimpse of the boy as he came to take the ‘test’. As he watched though a secret window he saw how much this boy could do. He lived not by the rules of the world but opened up the realm of the dead and defeated his challenge. Enerel felt deeply challenged and humiliated. He immediately left and started plotting how to take out his new greatest enemy who may one day kill him as their beliefs are polar opposites.

He now hunts down the mystery boy that he so dearly hates as a spark deep within him was lighted. The spark of hate.

His A and C are interesting his B isn’t a skill

You could ignore this hero because he cannot damage you. He poses no threat whatsoever.

Maybe make his A a toggle between heal and banish still being able to heal and attack enemies but also allies.

The Ultimate is aoe I presume? So it is like Adagios verse and its talent counterpart?

I dunno, the passive seems very similar to one of my ideas on the old forums, Antar. I’m gonna reupload it here, I’ve been meaning to do so.

He is a little useless, if he can’t actually kill an enemy (except via spellfire) there’s no way he’ll be playable, especially with his only cc being a single target stun. With Spellfire and Poisoned shiv now in the game, there’s no point having Mortal wound basic attacks, especially if it heals the enemy.

So here’s my thoughts: Change his basic attacks to heal Allies and damage enemies (like my idea). Remove the 1HP limit on his ult. I like the A ability passive idea, but I don’t think it needs both passive and active. Either have just the active and make it a target ability, or have just the passive, but without cooldown and instead more basic attacks required to stun (maybe 5 or 6 in a row on a single target).

I would like to say I do like the idea of his B tho, allows him and teammates to quickly shop after taking goldoak, or buy infusions just before a teamfight.

I think one way to keep his kit unique and interesting would be to handle Auto-Attacks on opposing players as an initial heal, which reverses into a DoT-effect based on the amount of HP healed as soon as he stops attacking.

As an example:

You land 2 basic attacks, which heal an enemy for 250 HP.
Afer you have not attacked that enemy for 1.5 seconds, 2.5x250 = 625 HP worth of damage are applied over 5 seconds as DoT.

The numbers would need tweaking, obviously, but that could create the potential for some interesting plays.
And the decision when and for how long you attack an opposing player would be crucial in team fights.

Combined with mortal wounds on the DoT section of this effect, he could be lethal even - an assassin as much as a healer.

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Now that’s some complicated shit. I like it tho, you’re effectively giving your opponent a timer to play by, and would allow for some interesting gameplay from both sides.

Yes, exactly - that was the thought behind the suggestion. It would be difficult to balance, but at the same time it would bring something new to the table.

here’s a link to my Hero idea, if you want to compare the passives…

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