ELO is really really messed up

Played two ranked games this morning with a duo q partner. First match I had POA Silver player and a SA Gold. Carried hard got 4 ELO. Second match I get a POA bronze player and enemy has a POA gold player. 6 ELO loss. mkay SEMC guess I’ll just play casuals. went from 2530 to 2534 to 2528. And yesterday I mopped the floor against Oldskool twice just to lose some of that ELO. IF i was VG silver I’d get it but its actually becoming annoying that I can get weaker allies than enemies but still lose a lot of ELO because they are weaker than me individually.


Your elo gains are based on your enemy’s your ally’s elo doesn’t matter. Consedering your at 2500 points and lost to a poa gold, 6 points is actually not that much you could have easily lost 7 or even 8. I would say rank progression and how elo gains are calculated is not that bad, the main issue is with the matchmaker, if you have high mmr the game thinks they need to balance it out with allies with low mmr to make it fair which is obviously very wrong.


The game is anti-soloQ lmao and soloQ is probably the way most people play the game.


At least you’re not stuck at t5 losing 20+ elo and only gaining 10-15 I keep getting unrankeds on my team and captains that don’t build utility it’s crazy

Da hecc I usually lose 10 and gain around 20. If I am against even low tiers I still gain 10 elo. Why am I getting so much elo

Wow you must be having a real rough time if u are hard stuck at t5. Good luck to you climbing up to the less toxic tiers lol

Till t10 it’s like that, but once you are there it changes to +/- 3-5 elo on avrg.

I feel like queing is much quicker but matches are much. I’d rather have longer ques then these terrible matches. I’m fine with casual having terrible matchmaking because it’s casual but ranked? It’s too annoying.

Nah it ranges from 1-8 for wins and 3-8 for losses. Its 5 only when both sides are filled with the same ELO amount.

I said on avrg, not the range itself. :slight_smile:
Most games that are balanced, I got 3/4/5 elo or lose the same.

The problem with being stuck in T5 or T6 is you’ll be forever battling T4’s simply because that’s where the majority of the player base is.

I have yet to battle against a T7 or higher. Simply because they aren’t online and active, not because MM doesn’t want to put me against them, but because it simply can’t. If they’re not even playing the game, how can it?

Thus all your games is a battle of T4’s. either winning and getting +10 elo, or losing and getting - 20 elo. So I resort to playing at odd hours and trying my luck, praying to the MM gods. Wishing that a T7 player decides to log in.

The problem with T7 is the same. T5 and T6 are a little more active, but still a hit and a miss. Thus T7’s are matched with T4’s as well, simply because there are plenty of them actually active.

And the problem is the same throughout the tiers all the way to T8 or T9, where you’ll be met with longer wait times and slightly better skill match-ups.

Solo Queue’ing out of Hell requires a lot of luck and a whole tonn of skill. Skill can only be improved when you play against higher skilled players. Luck is needed to even meet those highly skilled players.

To remove those 2 factors needs you to party up. A coordinated team - what does that mean? Spending a dedicated time slot out of your busy day to playing VG.

break that down for a second:
Dedication. Time. Busy day.

Not that it’s not possible, it’s just why solo queue is the preferred mode of play.

That’s why i like those “reach XX tier” before the end of the season. Bringing more activity and active players is the best way to improve Match Maker.

Ranking up takes time indeed. I usually rank up and then get reset back to hell only to climb as high again late season dude to low game amounts…

Just reach Vainglorious for the season and then treat ranked mode like ‘not chaosQ mode’.

Knowing that I’m in the top 2000 in SEA for 5v5 (According to VGPro) is all I really need to feel satisfied. Based on the fact that I don’t rank that often and decay, plus that find a large number of my ranked matches to be easy is enough to leave be satisfied.

Focusing on your elo (according to SEMC) is never a good idea. Just make an estimate of where you are in VG and use that as a skill level. You may be wrong but hopefully it’s enough to make you avoid the toxicity of ranking.

Note: I estimate that I’m top 1000 in SEA. It’s just a reserved guess, but it leaves me happy.

I reached vg. Now idc about rank anymore cos ive come across the same situation 100s of times. Im t10. I get 2 t8s. Opp has 3 t9s. I lose tonnes of elo. nice.

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I get vg allies who feel like they are god but suck badly…

I too lose elo and never reach VG bronze stuck in poa forever… Worst of all are the idiotic surrenders costing me 16 Elo where I did not consent because my allies refuse to attack the enemies. We end up 0v16

Next match we destroy the enemy in the same fashion…

1 in 3 matches is decent rest is garbage lol…

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ATM i practice heroes i dont know to play in ranked. Sometime i feed sometimes i got 11/1 etc. I just dont care about rank anymore.

For me VG player is only someone over 2500 elo (VG starts at 2400, it’s quite a lot of positive w/l ratio to get there with 5 elo gain on avrg). I am currently 2451 and climbing, but I also was at some point 2420 and dropped to poa silver after bad streak of lesser allies (what @slothslayerlawl said), smurfs and pairing me with VG silvers using voice comm while I soloq.

Nothing more frustrating than VG silvers using voice comm while your team don’t, it’s so bad. Actually I think a lot of people underestimate voice comms and what they do to team sync, unity even (more likely to agree on objectives and go for them when speaking vs pings). For me in ranked voice comms team should play only vs other such team. Obv one could cheat with outside of the game programs, but that also can be checked and denied actually and be marked as cheating when there is ingame voice comm.

I’ve seen many people at VG while being t4-7 in 3v3. Sorry but there is no way it’s that different from one mode to another. My guess is the ranked match maker made an unfixable mess. I mean I can’t tell for sure but when there’s 2 t4 and 3 VG against the same for example the t4s wouldn’t lose any elo if they lose the game and they’d get a huge boost if they win. This just screams elo inflation to me.

I forgot to mention, I meant that’s their main account, not alt or smurfing.

My latest match I went against two vg golds and melverC from Rox :open_mouth: first time I every got 8 ELO from a match.

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Just played a match with almost vg silver mid malene with 30 games with her and 86% win rate(and 65% among a lot of games). Our mid was a lot weaker and CP vox, disaster - fed malene, 40k dmg and me as a jungler reza was second with 20, vox was 10 and all the others around. Fun :slight_smile: matchmaker is so bad and relaxed when matching.