Ellezner joined the Forum! Old VG Art Dump!


Hi I just joined the forum! I am so late to the party but here you go.
Some of you guys probably know me but I am uploading old stuff for peeps that doesnt have reddit or twitter account.


I’m sad I can’t heart this post more than once! Welcome to the forums!


Aww you’re so kind! Thank you for letting me know about this awesome site you guys made! I’ll definitely upload my Latest work in progress piece once it’s done!


They are awesome! I hope you will upload more :slight_smile:


EVERYONE IS HERE (VG for Smash Ultimate confirmed)


I wish we had more artist on the forums. Nice art thou


For fully coloured work this is impressive.
I really like the Kensei and Lorelai Art a lot!
Those are the best faces of the lot (best captured).
I like the shady one too.

Nice seeing you here, have fun.


welcome to the forum
nice work , @hazeleyes can you add future hearts , i would like to heart this guy threads before he creates them .


Im sorry I read this so late. Thank you! That is very awesome and kind for you to say.