EdAWACS Hero Rework Beta: Solaris

A heroic spirit of a commander who refused surrender, This mortal was exalted by the faith of his soldiers. Now an embodiment of courage and resolve, the heroic spirit of legend illuminates the darkest night, heralding the turn of the tide.

Welcome to the Solaris hero spotlight.


Solaris’s HEROIC PERK is Valorous Dawn

Every 3rd basic attack Solaris lands on an enemy hero will mark them with a stack of Solemn Light. This effects stacks up to 3 times on enemy heroes and monsters and can only be refreshed with every subsequent 3rd basic attack.

If Solaris damages an enemy marked with 3 stacks of Solemn Light, the ability will consume all stacks on the target,

Solaris will than gain a Golden Shroud that negates one instance of crowd control and /or damage before expiring.

The duration of the Golden Shroud is increased by 1.2s for every stack of Solemn Light consumed from every enemy heroes

Upon learning his ULTIMATE, Every third basic attack from Solaris will be a 6 m ranged basic attack that deals bonus weapon damage based on 1.8% of the targets max health.

BASE STATS: Level 1-12 (MELEE)

Health: 726-2284
Energy: 378-876

WEAPON: 75-156
ATK SPEED: 100%-122%

ARMOUR: 30-85
SHIELD: 20-60

RANGE: 2.3

Solaris’s FIRST ABILITY is Estandor Solis

Solaris tosses a javelin in the targeted direction dealing damage to everything along its path. Upon reaching the end of its range, the javelin transforms into a Flag Standard that lasts for 5 seconds.

If Estandar Solis damages at least ONE enemy; Solaris can reactivate the ability within 1.2 seconds to dash towards the Flag Standard dealing damage to all enemies 3.5m around his destination.

OVERDRIVE: The duration of the Flag Standard becomes 10s

Cool down: 20s/19s/18s/17s/15s

Energy Cost: 100/110/120/130/140

Damage: 80/135/190/245/300 Crystal Ratio: 135% | Weapon Ration: 60%

Damage (Dash): 30/70/110/150/190 Crystal Ratio: 80% | Weapon Ratio: 100%

Range: 7/7/7/7/10


Solaris releases a pulse of light that damages all enemies in a 6m area.

  • If this ability damages at least one enemy, his next 3 basic attacks within 6s deal bonus crystal damage.
  • If Solaris casts Auto-de-fae atop his Flag Standard, his empowered basic attacks will deal damage in a 3m radius around his attack target.

OVERDRIVE: For every enemy hero damaged by this ability. Solaris gains a barrier based on 3.5% of their max health.

Cooldown: 12s/11s/10s/9s/8s

Energy Cost: 40/50/60/70/80

Damage: 100/140/180/220/260 CP Ratio: 80%

Bonus Damage: 50/80/110/140/200 CP Ratio: 140% | WP Ratio: 45%

Solaris is always prepared to lead from the front and demonstrates that a mythical spirit is only as strong as people’s faith.

This is proven in his ULTIMATE: Daybreaker

Solaris surrounds himself with a 8m golden battlefield which grants allied heroes inside the field immunity to damage. All damage allied heroes take while inside the field are instead transferred to Solaris entirely.

Solaris can only cast this ability while near his Flag Standard

  Cool-down: 200s/150s/100s

  Energy Cost: 300/400/500

  Duration: 4s/5s/6s

Please read the hero over CAREFULLY and submit constructive feedback. This will greatly help the author.


Solaris excels against frontline targets while also safeguarding his own backline. Because of his potential to negate massive amounts of damage while whittling down the enemy frontline, Solaris is often most powerful in the thick of a battle but that doesn’t mean he’s weak alone in lane or in the jungle.

When building Solaris as an auto attack warrior, I strongly suggest building Serpents Mask, Bonesaw and Spellsword. Solaris primarily relies on his basic attacks to execute his potential.

Building Bonesaw will allow Solaris to be more effective at shredding the enemy frontline especially once he learns his ultimate and gains access to his ranged auto attack.

Serpents Mask allows Solaris to sustain in close fights while Spell sword grants energy regeneration and cooldown reduction which offsets his high energy costs.

Pulse weave and Shiver steel are great items for utility as they all enable Solaris to stick to his targets and make it harder for enemies to escape.

Here Solaris and his team engages what appears to be a lone Leo not realizing that they had been baited into a trap.

Okey, first question:

Hum… what’s “Inquisition”? None of the abilities is called like that and I don’t seem to be able to find it.

I see a problem with the ult: in a teamfight he would get obliterated by trying to tank the damage 4 other players are receiving.

One thing I feel my need to be changed is the passive:

By negating damage too, triggering the Golden Shroud may be too easy and thus making it not really effective against cc. I would remove that as I don’t feel it needs that extra tankiness considering the overdrive of the B and that would make it a truly anti cc passive.

Also the reveal of the passive, I feel like it doesn’t really adds anything to the hero other than adding more things. I find it unnecessary and I would remove that, he already has lots of things and doesn’t need that, it doesn’t develop his identity any further, but that’s my opinion, you don’t need to remove that if you don’t wish to.

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Sorry that was the original name of Solaris’s second ability

The idea behind the ultimate was that Solaris would nullify that damage by using his heroic perk in conjunction with his second ability. With the right timing he would nullify the combined damage he would take.

I’m fine with removing it. I felt it would be a nice aesthetic effect.

Wait isnt this his 3rd rework?

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Yes this is his 3rd rework

Though if you count an old discord post I originally made about him it’s technically his 4th rework

But actually this is a revamp of the hero since his old concept is still being preserved but with new ideas as well as a dramatic shift to make him more of a frontline warrior.

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Well I looked at the kit and it seems you have learned how to balance crucial or strong debuffs n stuff to a great level :+1:

The only problem I see is that there is a overlap of identity when it comes to Solaris. He really reminds me of Jarven from LoL. But you did take the idea of a flag and dash to it type of aspect and made it more of a defensive frontline.


What do you think than specifically about the Heroic Perk as well as his Ultimate particularly the second part of his ultimate as well as the level 6 upgrade of his heroic perk

The perk I feel is fine. The ult can use a little more fine tuning since it has both ally immunity and a global ult. Two massive aspects. It could honestly lose the global AA and I would think he’s fine still.

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Also what roles do you think he will fit best into? Which heroes do you think he will counter?

Also keep in mind that allies inside the ultimate are immune to damage. But they are also transferring all damage they would have taken to Solaris.

Also some changes to his Kit

Removed the second aspect of his ultimate so it’s just the damage immunity.

I think he would be best suited as a captain, or weapon carry like Lance