EdAWACS Hero Revamp: Mulj

Welcome to the Vainglory hero revamp where we will be looking at Mulj, the daughter of the Churn.


A terrifying shambler of the Churn fogs, Mulj is one of the many people lost within the elemental destruction twisted by the emerald haze. A child born deformed, Mulj was shunned and despised as she contributed nothing to her community but required extra care.

When the Churn rolled in, Mulj was abandoned and found herself surrounded by the ominous Churn fog, with everyone around her either gone or dead. Forced survive alone inside the Churn, Mulj slowly heard a voice or rather voices of something around her.

The voices asked nothing of her and only whispered that it would care for her and help her survive.

Such voices were the first words of reassurance that the girl ever heard and slowly she latched onto this affection. Unbeknownst to her not only was her perception of the Churn changing, but her body was also mutating.

Eventually, nothing of the girl remained only a mass of quivering protoplasm with a vestige of her humanity barely visible.

Abandoned by humanity, the girl has become a daughter of the Churn.

In-game, Mulj is a gruesome sight to encounter, whether in the lane or the jungle. Eternally excreting slime to snare and melt her enemies Mulj dominates in area control and slowing down the game’s momentum giving her team time to build up strength while slowly debilitating enemies offensive capabilities.

HEROIC PERK: Eldritch Ooze

Mulj generates a puddle of slime around her that deals 58-236 [Level 1-12] (+100% Crystal Power)(+25% Bonus Health) crystal damage per second and leaves a trail behind while moving. Enemies who stand on the slime are SLOWED and have 3% of their armor and shield melted,

  • Enemies who are affected by Eldritch Ooze will have their character models turn blue.
  • If Mulj is disabled she will be unable to generate Eldritch Ooze
  • The slime lasts for 5 seconds and slows enemies per second.
  • Slow: 35% (+0.008% Bonus Health) (+0.3% Crystal Power)

Base Stats: LEVEL 1-12

    Health: 860-2315
    Energy: 487-768

    Armor: 35-100
    Shield: 25-85

    Weapon: 6-48
    Attack Speed: 100%-136.6%

    Range (MELEE): 0.4
    Movespeed: 3.3

FIRST ABILITY: Gastric Ordnance

Mulj charges for 0.5 seconds before unleashing projectile vomit in the target direction that damages all enemies in the area leaving a 4-meter radius puddle of Eldritch Ooze at the impact zone.

PASSIVE: 40% of all damage dealt against enemies standing on Eldritch Ooze will be converted to Fortified Health for Mulj.

Cooldown: 8s/7s/5s/4s/3s

Energy Cost: 60/85/100/125/140

Range: 8/8/8/8/ **10**

Damage: 135/170/205/240/275 CP Ratio: 80%

SECOND ABILITY: Malignant Mitosis

Mulj spawns a Slime clone (max. 3) at any location covered in Eldritch Ooze

  • Each Slime clone starts walking towards the nearest enemy (prioritizing enemy heroes). and can be killed with 4 basic attacks.
  • Each Slime Clone generates Eldritch Ooze and lasts for 6 seconds.
  • When a Slime Clone dies it explodes dealing crystal damage leaving behind a puddle of Eldritch Ooze

Passive: Allied heroes walking on Eldritch Ooze gain all fortified health Mulj generates so long as they remain on the slime.

Cooldown: 14s/13s/12s/11s/9s

Energy Cost: 50/60/70/80/90

Slime Clone Movespeed: 2.3/2.5/2.7/2.9/3.3

Explosion Damage: 280/325/370/415/460 CP Ratio: 60%

ULTIMATE: Metastasize

For the next 5s, Mulj’s basic abilities are empowered and acquire different effects. For the duration of the Ultimate, Eldritch Ooze will deal increased damage. Reactivate this ability within 3s to teleport Mulj to any location covered in Eldritch Ooze

  • Gastric Ordnance Mulj engulfs all enemy heroes next to her for 2s dealing periodic crystal damage before excreting them out behind her

  • Malignant Mitosis Mulj teleports all Slime Clones and enemy heroes standing on Eldritch Ooze to her after a 1s channel.

PASSIVE: Eldritch Ooze reduces enemy hero weapon and crystal power by 20% for each second they stand on it

Cooldown: 98s/84s/72

Energy Cost: 125/160/235

Eldritch Ooze damage increase: 20%/25%/30%

Damage / Sec (Gastric Ordnance): 350/500/750 CP Ratio: 75%


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I would say that this hero is more on the simple side compared to your other heros which leads me to say that shes also more balanced (without any community help) than your previous revamp.

Ik its 2019 but I cant stop to think that does this monstrosity really have a gender :potoo:

Jokes aside, lemme start critiquing!

Ok so since you didn’t give me a size of the puddle or what the clone is. Im going to assume the clone is the same size as a munion from Potat- I mean Petals kit.

If it is the same size, Mulj has no problem applying Elderitch Ooze to the enemy and I would like the clones to have a smaller trail radius because I can see a ENTIRE lane being covered in ooze. And I could also imagine her easily getting to her FH cap if played well.

Overall I think you need to list out the Clones stats because its a little hard to understand this aspect.

Yea… no. I see this as a Rose Trail 2.0 and Im sure SEMC doesn’t want to deal with another Rose Trail. Though If I wanted to keep this aspect, I would give it a ally max cap of at most 10% of their max health.

Hmm yea. Thats a no from me Chief :nauseated_face:

To be blunt, remove this (or heavily reduce this). Her kit already has enough damage and utility in it and this makes her a little broken.

Otherwise this kit seems like it would be a blast to play, including with that cool ulti :star_struck:


I mean if you read the backstory on Mulj it’s pretty clear why she is called the daughter of the Churn

The slime clones are the same size as Mulj and the puddle Mulj and her clones secrete is just 2-meter radius underneath them. That’s why I place emphasis on the slime trail they leave behind.

The Slime clones themselves are basically slower versions of Fortress wolves.

I could decrease the duration of the slime itself to 4 seconds instead of 5 seconds would that help?

I will lower the allied hero fortified health gain.

Well, Mulj is meant to be horrifying to encounter and her entire theme is meant to be disgusting and visceral. She’s a utility hero that doesn’t seem like traditional support hero stereotypes.

I may consider replacing her passive armor and shield melting from her heroic perk with this instead. What do you think?

It was a joke :potoo:

Actually since you said the slimes themselves are slow, I dont think this would be a big problem. Duration doesnt need to be hit but maybe MS (for the slime) instead if it does become a problem :face_with_monocle:

I know but just the concept of excretion (in a game) is cool but disgusting at the same time.

Im fine with this since its better than a power reduction but again the defense reduction cant be too strong as well.

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