EdAWACs Hero Idea: Pamela

Welcome to the Vainglory hero spotlight, today we will be looking at Pamela, a thrill-seeker that jumps between dimensions.

Using an experimental 4th dimension generator, Pamela is a thrill-diver who loves exploring different dimensions and getting her adrenaline pumping seeking out dangers. Having jumped into a dimension where the archaic blends with cyberpunk, Pamela appears to be satisfied staying and inserting her two cents into any situation.

Pamela is a mobile hit and run captain who relies on map awareness and quick thinking to materialize at the right place at the right time.


If Pamela hits an enemy hero entering or exiting a Portal with a basic attack they will be ROOTED for 1 second and take (Level 1-12) 125-230 (+ 140% CP ) (+ 80% WP) bonus damage. If Pamela closes a Portal that an enemy hero is entering or exiting, they will take bonus crystal damage based on 10% of their max health.

Pamela’s Portals grant her access to her Pocket Dimension if she entered a Portal while there is ONLY 1 PORTAL ON THE FIELD. While inside the Pocket Dimension, Pamela cannot interact and/or affect or be interacted and/or affected by anything outside aside from map generated obstacles.

  • While inside her Pocket Dimension, Pamela cannot be revealed by any detection but is still visible to all heroes and turrets if she enters their vision radius.


HEALTH: 682-2249
ENERGY: 400-827

WEAPON: 65-131
ATTACK SPEED: 100%-136.6%

ARMOR: 25-75
SHIELD: 20-55



Pamela forms a vertical facing Portal in front of her that lasts for 6s. She can reactivate this ability within 2.5s to summon another vertical facing Portal anywhere within range.

  • Only 2 Portals can be present on the field at one time
  • If Pamela or any hero enters a Portal while 2 Portals are on the field, they will TELEPORT out from the other Portal
  • Casting either Redirect or Realm Dive on an existing Portal will close it.
Cooldown: 10s/9s/8s/7s/5s

Energy Cost: 50/60/70/80/90

Cast Range: 6/6/6/6/8


Pamela forms a Portal on the ground that lasts for 6s. She can reactivate this ability within 2.5s to summon another Portal on the ground anywhere within range.

  • If Pamela or any hero enters a Portal while 2 Portals are on the field, they will TELEPORT out from the other Portal
  • Casting either Redirect or Realm Dive on an existing Portal will close it.

Overdrive: Redirect can be used to redirect any projectiles through 2 vertical Portals allowing enemy projectiles to damage enemy heroes as well.

Cooldown: 6s/5.5s/5s/4.5s/3.5s

Energy Cost: 60/70/80/90/100

Cast Range: 10/10/10/10/14

ULTIMATE: Spatial Siege

Pamela tosses a dimensional hypercube at the target location which generates a 6 m x 6 m x 6m space that isolates everything inside of Pamela’s Pocket Dimension for a short period.

  • Enemies will be able to see the area which the cube will land
  • Nothing can leave the Pocket Dimension without the usage of a Portal
  • If Pamela casts this ability while inside her Pocket Dimension enemies will not be able to see this ability’s wind-up animation or where the cube will land.

Passive: Allied Heroes gain access to Pamela’s Pocket Dimension

Cooldown: 110s/100s/90s

Energy Cost: 125/150/175

Cube Duration: 3s/4s/5s

Cast Range: 9/10/11

Chell from Portal!

Well I wanted an image that was not tied to Chell since people would latch onto that reference.

But what do you people think of this new hero idea of mine?

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Very cool idea, but like a lot of your heroes there is too much going on, and some refining is definitely needed. Remember in SEMCs development of heroes, mechanics are almost always removed and striped down finale release. For example Churnwalker lost his smoke cloud talent which used to be part of his kit. You wan’t hero hero to be as simple as clear as possible, mechanics need to exist for a good reason, besides just wanting that cool element.

This makes very little sense to me, what counts as “entering a portal”? is there is delay, I assumed it worked like lyra’s portal which would teliport you instantly. Is it based on proximity? In that case you could root enemies who got too close to in, who were not even intending to go through. Entering is just not a well defined mechanic, and I see no way to make this work.

Moving on from that hiccup, a 1 second root is crazy long, and it’s kind of weird to me that this portal outplay type hero whould have long lockdown as such a massive focus of her kit (though this kit really has no focus atm).

Firstly, how long can she stay in the pocket dimension?

But yeah, this is a really fun idea, I just think the effect is slightly too strong, and would end up overshadowing the portals part of her kit. Especially early game. That said if the duration is say (2-6s) level 1-12 that would probably be fine

This works perfectly as her main portal tool tool. I would expect the rest of her kit would actually give her a playstyle and tools for combat… it would crazy if she just had all portals and nothing to do with them…

Ok… what? Imagine if petal had one abiltiy where she makes seed, and another where she throws a seed. OR Ishtar just has her A ability twice. Why does she have two almost identical abilities? Neither of which have any compelling combat value?. Where is the main part of her kit that actually allows her to play the game? Like going through portals is cool and all, but what does this hero actually do? “portaling” can’t be a playstyle in and of itself, she needs tools to deal damage, and make her portals actually matter. If all she can do is make and travel through portals, then conversely, the portals actually matter less. Imagine if Yates ahd 3 ultimates. He travel the entire map, but do nothing.

In a logical kit, this would be the ability that makes her actually interesting to play. I would make it something like this, but it could be anything that actually gives her tools to fight, and her portals the necessary context to matter:

Pamela fires an energy blast in the target direction, damaging the first enemy hero it hits.

  • The energy blast can travel through portals, dealing reduced damage and re-setting its travel distance
  • If there is only one portal on the ground, hitting it will create a shadow blast damaging and slowing enemies in a cone on front of the portal.

Now she can actually play VG. You could even move the overdrive to her first ability so she can still do that speed projectile redirect.

Cooldown: 4/3.5/3/3.5/3
Damage: 100/130/160/190/240 170% CP ratio
Blast Damage: 80/100/120/140/200 140% CP ratio

I like the idea, but there are so many questions about how it works. Can enemies inside the pocket dimension be damaged, or are they just stuck waiting for it to end? Can it be blocked? Can an ult like Reza avoud it? If so what happens when he lands in the pocket dimension area afterwards? Can other heroes enter the pocket dimension and fight the people who are in it? Can they do that by walking into it, or do they have to take a portal Pam makes into it?

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The idea was that she could stay as long as she wanted to stay in her pocket dimension but would automatically exit if she wanted to teleport home.

It was an afterthought on her design the pocket dimension. Originally it would allow her access to a new set up abilities while she was inside the pocket dimension (specifically her second ability would be different in there) But I deemed that too complicated.

It was to fit her into the captain role and make enemies a bit more cautious about chasing after her.

I will think something up at the moment. This was the general idea for the kit I wanted Pamela to have since her inception.

The reason why I gave her the ability to spawn a portal on the floor was so she could redirect omnidirectional abilities as well as projectiles. Examples of this would be a Lorelai stun could be directed to an area outside its effective cast range. You could extend the damage range of Celeste’s helios or a Skaarf goop etc

But that part I found would be too difficult to conceptualize for players so I gutted this ability and kinda… well left it there.

From Pamela’s passive regarding the pocket dimension

I assumed that people have read the passive would understand that EVERYTHING inside the cube would be unable to affect or be affected by the outside. So to answer your question yes the enemies caught inside the cube are trapped until it vanishes.

No one can enter the cube without entering a portal that leads inside. Not even turrets are immune to this effect.

This would depend on how Reza’s ultimate is coded. From my estimation, I would say he would not be able to avoid it since he would be in pocket dimension while ulting.

The cube isn’t a form of CC it’s a separate dimension removed from the world of VG. So enemies can move out of the way before the cube lands but they cannot leave afterward. Not even Phinn.

But thanks for your feedback and hopefully I clarified some confusions for you.

Although it is true that you should refine the hero a little… I would love to play with Pamela!