EdAWACS Hero Idea: Mulj


Hey, this is Ciderhelm and welcome to the Vainglory Hero Spotlight. Today we will be looking at Mulj a wandering abomination who painfully snares and consumes all.

Once a woman that was part of an unknown group. Mulj and her group found themselves lost in the Churn itself. Preyed upon by the horrific mutations lurking within the emerald fog and with food and supplies running low the members disappeared slowly.

As desperation, despair and lastly insanity fell upon the remaining five survivors, they rounded on each other encouraged by the insatiable whispers in their minds.

One by one each member hunted down one other and cannibalized the deceased. Eventually, Mulj found herself the only one left with supplies gone and everyone dead.

On the brink of starvation, Mulj gave into the whispers and began to consume the Churned flesh. At first, it was a horrendous experience but eventually, it got better until the taste and desire felt pleasurable.

Unaware of her mutation, Mulj became nothing more than a collection of walking tumorous growths with gaping orifices constantly oozing viscous Churn infused protoplasm; wandering the endless Churn seeking other victims to snare and join her.

The only human thing left about Mulj is only her insatiable hunger.

Mulj is a disruptive top laner or support who snares enemies in their tracks while slowly wearing them down for her team to finish off. She offers heavy area control and deterrence against enemies with high mobility.

HEROIC PERK: Eldritch Ooze

Mulj generates a puddle of slime around her that deals 38-196 [Level 1-12] (+100% Crystal Power) (+25% Bonus Health) crystal damage per second and leaves a trail behind while moving. Enemies who stand on the slime are SLOWED and SNARED.

  • Enemies who are affect by Eldritch Ooze will have their character models turn blue.
  • If Mulj is disabled she will be unable to generate Eldritch Ooze
  • The slime lasts for 3 seconds and slows enemies per second.
  • Slow: 20% (+0.008% Bonus Health) (+0.3% Crystal Power)

Base Stats: LEVEL 1-12

Health: 860-2315
Energy: 487-768

Armor: 35-100
Shield: 25-85

Weapon: 6-48
Attack Speed: 100%-136.6%

Range (MELEE): 1.6
Movespeed: 2.8

FIRST ABILITY: Gastric Ordnance

Mulj charges for 0.5 seconds before unleashing projectile vomit in the target direction that damages all enemies in the area leaving a puddle of Eldritch Ooze at the impact zone.

Passive: Each rank of Gastric Ordnance causes Eldritch Ooze to melt a percentage of enemy armor and shield each second.

Cooldown: 11s/10s/9s/8s/7s

Energy Cost: 60/85/100/125/140

Range: 8/8/8/8/10

Damage: 135/170/205/240/275 CP Ratio: 50%

Armor & Shield Shred: 3%/4%/5%/6%/7%

SECOND ABILITY: Malignant Mitosis

While active, Mulj spawns a Slime clone (max. 4) around her whenever she takes damage from enemy heroes. Mulj also generates fortified health each second for every enemy hero damaged by Eldritch Ooze

  • Fortified health scales with 6% of bonus health
  • Each Slime Clone is untargetable, generates Eldritch Ooze and lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Each clone starts walking towards the nearest enemy (prioritizing enemy heroes).

Passive: Allied heroes walking on Eldritch Ooze gains 50% of the fortified health Mulj generates.

Cooldown: 14s/13s/12s/11s/9s

Energy Cost: 50/60/70/80/90

Duration: 4s/4s/4s/4s/6s

Fortified Health per Sec: 15/50/85/120/155 CP Ratio: 75%

ULTIMATE: Metastasize

Passive: Each rank in the ultimate increases the duration of Eldritch Ooze

Active: Based on the last ability Mulj successfully used within 3 seconds, this ability gains a different effect. Cannot be used before Mulj casts another ability.

Gastric Ordnance: Mulj channels for 1.5 seconds before teleporting to any location covered in Eldritch Ooze

Malignant Mitosis: Mulj and her Slime Clones rupture splashing a 6-meter area around them with Eldritch Ooze granting allied heroes fortified health for 2 seconds.

  • This consumes all Slime Clones regardless of proximity.
  • Fortified health scales with 15% of Mulj’s bonus health and 35% of bonus armor and shield.

Cooldown: 65s/50s/35s

Energy Cost: 100/100/100

Fortified Health: 360/590/730

Duration: (Eldritch Ooze): 1s/1.5s/2s


FUN FACT: Mulj’s name is derived from the Croatian word meaning: slime


no character design this time?


It was simply too hard to find a design for Mulj online that satisfied what I had in mind. The best I could do was provide a description of her.

Since she is so bizarre in appearance there were very few images not used by other games or media. Even them could not convey what I wanted Mulj to look like.


OHhHhHhhhh helllll no. Snare is strong enough by itself but theres a reason why it was removed from Bright Bulwark.

Just keep it with a slow and if its supposed to be impactful in her kit, then a heavy slow.


I mean the reason the Snare is there is because it meant to discourage people from engaging on her and her allies. They can still dash through the slime initially.

The purpose of Mulj is that she slows down the game and hinders mobility.

I mean I can remove the snare but the slow will have to be increased dramatically and I will have to add an additional effect.

That additional effect will be that enemies who walk on the slime will have their damage output by 10% each second


I mean im just assuming since I cant actually play against or with this hero creation.

But Im guessing that this will hurt the most playing as a melee hero and even worse as a lane melee hero.


Frankly I designed Mulj just to trigger players who like to play mobile heroes and make their efforts at initiating a fight feel pointless. That was my reason for creating Mulj.

If she does enter the game she will hopefully slow down the game heavily so that the only way to counter her would be long range poke.


I always love your picks of heroes. They look awesome!