EdAWACS Hero Idea: Malleus

Hey, this EdAWACSdenyY and welcome to the Vainglory Hero Spotlight. Today we will be looking at Malleus a forsaken mad Herald bent on eradicating the Light and those who worship it.

Once the Herald of Steadfast Valiance, Malleus was a noble and idealistic character who strongly believed in the Light and the good it brings to all. But during the Uncertain War, Malleus began to question the Dogma of the Light and the order they were imposing on the living world. Seeing the Heralds purifying everything regardless of their allegiance to the forces of Chaos, Malleus’s misgivings festered inside his essence, slowly but surely eating away at his sanity. He suggested moderation and the non-interference with beings influenced by the Chaos, that the Heralds should seek to maintain a balance rather than impose an endless Dominion over humans and beasts.

Unfortunately, the Living Bright of Heralds commanded by Solaris refused to change their timeless rituals and conduct and thus, Malleus’s decrees fell on emptiness. Rejected and ignored, Malleus willingly allowed himself to be consumed by his own doubt and madness until eventually both his contempt and disillusionment with the Light become too prominent to conceal. In a fit of what could only be described as conscious madness, Malleus turned against his own kind renouncing his Illuminated title and declared his commitment to the destruction of the Light.

For this offense to the Light, Malleus was imprisoned in the Maw of Senseless where he could evolve his madness in null and void. As he spent timeless eons with nothing but his mind for company, his essence deteriorated further and further, his ideals gone and his mind descending into the abyss of despair, No one knows how long it took for Malleus to eventually snap as the only presence he made outside his cage was his cries and laughter.

Unable to see him in this pitiful state, Janice freed Malleus and his madness erupted outwards not as the luminescent aura of a Herald but a corrosive and inky aura of a being that had Forsaken his faith. He quickly overpowered the guards and descended to the living world where he corrupted the Halcyon energy that powered our dimension generating a chaotic force never seen before. With no choice, Janice was forced to put down Malleus and as he evaporated into shimmers of photons it would seem that the Forsaken Herald was no more.

However, somewhere in the plains of areas conquered by the Churn, a new abyssal force gathers, for Malleus has been biding his time. After all, what are but a few epochs for a timeless being? Now that he is incarnate once more, Malleus is once again ready to complete his goal of eradicating the light.

On the Rise, Malleus is a malevolent Forsaken Herald who excels against high sustain targets, turning the enemies teams rejuvenation into their destruction. Able to endure large amounts of punishment while terrorizing anyone who gets in his way. Malleus can appear at a moments notice to the battlefield sowing despair and hopelessness among enemy lines.

~ Every Light casts a NEW shadow! Malleus Taunt

HEROIC PERK: Desecration of the Fallen

Malleus’s Betrayal’s Grasp and Zersestzung DESECRATES enemy heroes and jungle monsters, marking them

When a DESECRATED enemy receives HEALING or LIFESTEAL from any source (excluding basic health regen and healing at the base) the mark translates 100% of the heal into Crystal damage.

The DESECRATION Mark lasts 1.3 seconds and can be refreshed by Malleus’s first ability and ultimate,

If Malleus kills a DESECRATED enemy hero, he will heal himself based on 90% of the victim hero’s REMAINING health before their death at Malleus’s hands.

BASE STATS: (Levels 1-12)

HEALTH: 825-2666
ENERGY: 269-666

WEAPON: 66-166
ATK SPEED: 100%-135.5%

ARMOR: 20-50
SHIELD: 20-50

RANGE: 2.7

A: Betrayals Grasp

Malleus fires out a spectral appendage that impacts the first target it hits marking them with DESECRATION, dealing crystal damage and slightly PULLING them towards Malleus.

If Betrayal’s Grasp hits anything, Malleus can reactivate the ability to BLINK BEHIND the final destination of his appendage BASIC ATTACKING the same target.

The 2nd reactivation of Betrayal’s Grasp counts as both a BASIC ATTACK and an ABILITY

Overdrive: If Malleus kills a DESECRATED enemy with the 2nd reactivation of Betrayal’s Grasp the cooldown of this ability is immediately REFRESHED

Cooldown: 15s/13s/11s/7s/4s

Energy Cost: 115/125/135/145/160

Range: 7/7/7/7/10

Damage: 80/120/200/240/300 Crystal Ratio: 130%

B: Disharmor

Malleus conjures 5 orbiting Unholy Shields around him that greatly reduces all damage he takes for 1.1 seconds.

After the duration ends Malleus detonates all Unholy Shields FEARING enemies in close vicinity to him for 0.7 seconds

Overdrive: Fearing one or more DESECRATED enemy heroes causes Malleus to become immune to crowd control for the fear’s duration.

Cooldown: 19s/17.5s/15s/13s/10.5s

Energy Cost: 100/130/140/160/170

Damage Reduction: 10%/20%/30%/40%/55%

Damage: 70/165/173/218/266 Crystal Ratio: 66%

ULTIMATE: Zersetzung

Malleus targets an Allied Hero or Minion or SCOUT CAM and begins channeling for 2.2 seconds. After channeling is successfully completed Malleus TELEPORTS to the designated area.

Enemies will be aware of Malleus activating his ultimate via a global chanting in Churn Language that is heard by everyone. Enemies will also be aware of Malleus’s teleport location if they have direct vision of where he will appear.

Upon arrival, Malleus releases a wave of corrosive aura around himself. The corrosive aura applies DESECRATION OF THE FALLEN to all enemy heroes INITIALLY hit by it.

For the duration of the ULTIMATE, Malleus’s basic attacks will deal 13% of his attack target’s BONUS HEALTH as bonus crystal damage, with each basic attack refreshing the duration of DESECRATION OF THE FALLEN.

At the end of **Zersetzung’s ** duration, or if Malleus reactivates the ability early, he will HEAL himself for a flat amount while dealing one final tic of damage, only if he manages to damage at least ONE enemy hero with his ultimate.

The flat heal is increased based on the number of DESECRATED enemy heroes inside Malleus’s ULTIMATE when the duration ends.

Cool-down: 100s/80s/60s

Energy Cost: 120/130/150

Damage per Second: 130/260/340 Crystal Ratio: 113%

Heal: 222/222/222

Bonus Heal per Hero: 88.8

Ultimate Radius of Effect: 4/5/5

Ultimate Duration: 3.3s/5s/6s

Thanks for watching the Malleus Hero Spotlight. Download Vainglory on the Apple App Store or the Android App Store for free and see you on Sovereign’s Rise!

What do you guys think @Nivmett


hecc is that lore? its nice but how is it connected to the world of VG?

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After a bit of thinking the ultimate seems like it could be a bit too trolly it should not be accounted for when it comes to balance, but it can happen. However, his ultimate DOES make him effectively unkillable while also countering healing. It could probably be toned down a bit. Maybe tone down the fortified health gain?


Ok I like this. A lot. Numbers might be a bit high, I suggest tuning down the desecrated effect, maybe make it do like 50% damage rather than 100%, and maybe put a cap on the fortified health (25% max health or something), but otherwise he’s pretty awesome, A nice lifesteal warrior still somewhat different to Krul/Ozo/Reim.

Just one thing, If enemies’ marks can be refreshed by the A/Ult, how are they also immune to it for 2.8 secs?

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Cool kit! That perk is brutal! If you use this on someone Grace is healing and they just blow up it would be hilarious. XD (Not sure about balanced but funny all the same) Krul would also be very very sad. XD

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My idea for Malleus was a hero which heavily counters high sustain heroes and supports. I understand that negation of healing is a very powerful mechanic but I feel to weaken the anti-heal itself would cause it to lose its purpose. I would need more input. If I did nerf anything about the passive anti-heal I would maybe reduce it 80% or 90%. Or I could have it only apply to non-item healing since in its current state the passive negates fountain of renewal and healing flask

the Fortified health gain is similar to how Rona generates fortified health. I think 25% cap is too much I would probably put the fortified health at 15 caps since it’s not an important component of his kit.

Also something to note: His ultimate only applies the passive with the initial part of his corrosive aura (think Reza ultimate but slower to apply)

Ah yes, the somewhat confusing part of the passive. So the idea that came to me when I suggested this passive to my friends and mates was that it would be extremely oppressive for heroes who rely on sustain. So if the enemy hero’s mark expires (think every other stack in VG and how long they last) or is already refreshed a certain NUMBER of times, they are now immune to mark for 2.8 seconds. In fact, I changed this perk and reworked his kit so how do the numbers and passive look now?

I changed up the hero a bit what do you think of his kit now with the hot Fixes?

Hope this answers some questions.

How do you think I could balance the heroic perk? I don’t want my heroes to be unbalanced and overpowered on release I prefer them to be strong but viable to counters.

I mean Grace and Krul (and even Ozo) will be heavily countered by this hero as he is designed to be counter high sustain and healing only which was my idea when I conceptualized the hero. However, I am also aware that this is very powerful passive that can be abused. So I did my best to balance it out

@Nivmett also how well do you think this hero would work if you (let’s pretend) designed a playtest model for testing in PBE. Are there any issues that would be difficult or impossible to code with the current game engine VG is running on?

I try to design my heroes in a way that the VG game engine could accept (or how I think it would accept it) So that there is some creativity but not excessive amounts of coding that might overcomplicate the game

I can tone down the base heal to 222 with increased healing based on the number of marked enemies after his ultimate ends. I am also gonna nerf the duration of the ultimate to 7 seconds

Legit i love this hero! Idk but i get the feeling that hes kinda the opposite of Adagio. Anyways keep up the hero ideas!!!

Possible ideas for my next member of the Heralds of Living Bright.

I was asked in DMs to BUMP THIS THREAD review this hero lore and kit-wise, so here I am.

I’m going to be segmenting everything into sections because it annoys me when I don’t, and I’m going to be inserting my own personal biases into this. You can’t stop me, so just read.

Ehh. I myself aren’t a fan of this type of story, because this story itself is somewhat cliche. Generally, to make this kind of story interesting, you need to go deep into how the fallen character changes, and that seems a little difficult to do with the lore size that SEMC currently provides. You’d be doing quick cuts of their decline, which is fine I guess, but even then I don’t feel like you can get too much detail.
I have no idea how powerful Heralds are, but I PERSONALLY would prefer not to have another Seraphim level of power. The fact that a drunk one hand pistol man can strike down the incarnate of lightning is already pretty weird, and if the Heralds are as magical and godlike as the art makes them seem, then I feel like that’s a big no.
Also, did you draw the art? If so, wrow. Very nice. If no, then can you properly credit the artist? I understand that there is a sig at the bottom left but a link to the artists page would be nice.

Perk: Desecration of the Fallen
I like it. The concept itself is similar to an idea I had, but I would make a few changes.
Duration-wise, Lower the duration to 1 second and remove the immunity. Make the passive more reactive, where you can hold your abilities to mess up enemy fountains and heals and deal damage to them.
Damage-wise, I would make it true damage. This is mainly just because having that level of CP damage basically forces people into building shield if their team comp is even slightly uncoordinated. Of course, you would need to tone down the damage, to something like 20% of healing to damage.
Also, specify how long you have to recast this. I’d say 2.5 seconds is good.

A: Betrayals Grasp
Other than some wording issues (2nd reactivation is a little unnecessary), I would add a small pull effect to the ability on the initial cast, and have the blink specifically blink BEHIND the opponent on the second cast. This is mainly to create a synergy between his A and B, where Malleus can activate his B early, and perfectly time his blink to go behind his opponent and fear them towards his team.

B: Disharmor
Increase the base damage reduction, and have it reach something like 70% at level 5.
Let it gain another 30% when you build CP, at 300 CP.
I say this because I am evil, not because I am sane.
Also, the damage numbers are really awkward. It irritates me. Not like this.

C: Zersetzung
I know that others have said this, but it’s too troll. Instead of swapping places with his opponent, it should be something like a Galio ult.

There’s a link for you if you haven’t seen it. Basically, you can jump to your ally and save their ass from halfway across the map.
Also, there’s too much in the ultimate. Giving allies fortified health based on your MAXIMUM health when you land and creating a corrosive aura which does damage over time and applies his passive where he lands is what I would reccomend.
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