EdAWACS Hero Idea: Giselle

Hey, this is Ciderhelm and welcome to the Vainglory Hero Spotlight. Today we will be looking at Giselle, a Nephalorax manipulator looking to recruit new followers.

A member of the parasitic Nephalorax species, Giselle’s people had long since isolated themselves from the other races occasionally feeding off the unfortunate that stumbled into their hive. However, Giselle was never content with the solitary colonial life with her brood sisters.

She wanted more. She wished to be worshipped by others.

All Nephalorax are self-centered and treacherous by nature, but Giselle’s narcissism approached messiah levels. When the Stormqueen arrived to conquer the Nephalorax, Giselle willingly betrayed her sisters to gain clemency from the queen. For years she worked in secret under the Stormqueen’s grip as an intelligence gatherer.

However if one was to observe Giselle at work they would conclude that she was actually a missionary spreading her gospel, or more accurately, a horrific leader of a brainwashing cult; rather than a creature responsible for extracting information from her victims through any means.

For the eldritch creature is secretly gathering a following of various beings brainwashed by her spawn.

With each member, Giselle’s ambition grows. For her, there is no satiating the appetite until everyone is bowing at her tendrils.

Giselle is a devious mage who infects enemy heroes and then bends them to her will. Utilizing her Neuroxitic spawn she can directly influence and dictate the terms of engagement by forcing the enemies into unfavorable positions at the right moments. In the hands of a skilled player, Giselle is easily capable of swaying the fight in her teams favor.

Heroic Perk: Neurofestation

Giselle’s basic attacks deal 73-139 (+ 50% crystal power) (+ 100% weapon power) crystal damage to enemies. After hitting enemies with 3 basic attacks her next basic attack becomes a 6-meter range skill shot that deals no damage and expels a Neuroxite onto the field.

  • Neuroxites linger on the field for 10 seconds and stealth in brush.

  • Neuroxites can be killed by 5 basic attacks from enemy heroes but cannot be targeted by turrets.

  • If Giselle manages to hit an enemy hero with a Neuroxite they will become INFECTED after 1.5 seconds and take 50% of Giselle’s crystal power as damage.


Health: 642-2112
Energy: 530-712

Armor: 30-75
Shield: 20-55

Weapon: 0
Atk Speed: 100%-125%

Range: 6
Movespeed: 3.4

FIRST ABILITY: Proselytizing Parasite

Giselle grabs an idle Neuroxite with her tentacle and places it in STASIS. She can reactivate this ability within 1.8 seconds to hurl the Neuroxite in a chosen direction.

  • Upon landing, the Neuroxite deals crystal damage in a 3-meter radius.

  • If the Neuroxite lands on an enemy hero it will instead latch onto their head, INFECTING them but dealing no area damage.

  • This ability can only be used when an IDLE Neuroxite is on the field.

Overdrive: Whenever Giselle kills an enemy hero they will automatically spawn a Neuroxite

Cooldown: 7s/6s/5s/4s/3s

Energy Cost: 70/70/70/70/70

Range: 7/7/7/7/10

Damage: 80/140/200/260/320 CP Ratio: 140%

SECOND ABILITY: Manipulate the Pious

Giselle unleashes a tentacle in the target direction. If this attaches onto a Neuroxite INFECTED enemy hero, she can then target a 4-meter area around the INFECTED enemy hero to force to them move in that direction.

  • INFECTED enemy heroes cannot be ordered more than once.

Giselle can reactivate this ability within 3 seconds to emit a 10-meter radius telepathic pulse around herself, which causes all affected Neuroxites to rupture violently dealing crystal damage in a 5.5-meter radius.

  • The first explosion deals full damage, while subsequent explosions deal 50% damage.

Overdrive: Ruptured Neuroxites spawn additional Neuroxites on all enemy heroes damaged by the explosion.

Cooldown: 14s/13s/12s/11s/10s

Energy Cost: 60/70/80/90/100

Range: 6/6/6/6/12

Rupture Damage: 60/120/180/240/ 360 CP Ratio: 100%

ULTIMATE: Mass Hypnosis

Giselle unleashes her tentacles latching onto every Neuroxite-INFECTED enemy hero near her TETHERING them to her.

If enemies do not break out of the TETHER in 2.2 seconds, Giselle will CHARM every tethered Neuroxite infected hero dealing crystal damage each second.

  • Enemies who are CHARMED will slowly move towards Giselle, unable to perform any other actions.

  • Giselle can only activate her ULTIMATE when there is at least 1 Neuroxite-INFECTED hero within her field of vision.

  • The duration of the Charm is increased up to a cap of 2 seconds with 300 crystal power

Cooldown: 70s/55s/40s

Energy Cost: 70/80/90

Damage Per Second: 170/210/350 CP Ratio: 50%

Charm Duration: 1s/1.2s/1.4s

FUN FACT: Giselle’s name is derived from a Germanic word meaning “Hostage”



Changes I propose:

  • Attacks needed to create the neuroxite:
    5→3 As her abilities depend on them, she should be able to consistently have them up. This will be balanced with other changes.
  • vision removed: I don’t feel like it’s necessary, it seems like it’s there because why not.
  • The 10% damage of her Crystal power is in total or each second? I guess is each second. I would change that for: total damage: 50% of her crystal power. While this is a significant nerf to its damage, it shouldn’t be a problem given the other changes and the fact that it’s not her main source of damage but the needed condition to deal damage.
  • health: 759-2198 → 642-2112. This would put her in line with the other mages, previously she felt too tanky.
  • armor: 70→75
  • shield: 50→55; this is to standardise the stats.
  • range: 5.7→6; still less than most ranged heroes, but as she relies on basic attacking to proc her passive and create the neuroxine, this will allow her to not risk herself as much.

Not much to say about it lol. No complains.

  • range of the order: 6→4; can only be ordered once.
  • AoE range: 5.5 →5
  • I don’t understand the range in the stats.
  • the first explosion deals full damage, the other ones deal 50% damage.
  • damage: 60/145/230/315/400 + 160% → 60/120/180/240/360 + 100%
    It will still deal massive damage when multiple neuroxines hit, but won’t be an insta kill as before.

It doesn’t say how to break the tether.

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Each Neuroxite spawn lives for only 10 seconds and the damage is each second. So yes the damage is 10% for each second the Neuroxite is alive.

I wondered if I should have included something in the text that stated Irene could not pick up Neuroxites that are already infecting an enemy hero

The range is the range of Giselle’s tentacle skillshot that she has to land on an infected enemy hero in order to command them to move in the desired direction.

I mean since Churnwalker’s hook and chain never said anything about how to break the tether either I felt that people would know to just run as far away to break the tether or cleanse/ reflex block the tentacles.

I would assume 10 meter , churn has a chains range in his A if you go pass it you break the chain , so if we going to assume based on your hero abilities and telepathic pulse it’s probably 10 meter if you leave the radius you are safe , but I actually don’t know if it’s too long I didn’t do calculation and her damage from other abilities to say if it’s too long , but based on other heroes it’s probably long , but you need to land skillshot and build towards the ult , so it could be balanced .