Dumb rant [on planned obsolescence]

I think the argument that Apple should stop making their products hard to repair is stupid. Of course once you buy the product it is yours and you have the right to do whatever you want with it. But Apple has no obligation to support your efforts in doing so. It’s their product; they can do whatever they want with it until it’s in the consumer’s hands. If they want to manufacture and program it in a way that makes it hard to modify, then they can do that. If they want to stop ensuring the device you purchased because you modified it, then they can do that. You agreed to those conditions when you purchased their product and you purchased their product knowing full well that it might be difficult to modify. If Apple pushes out an update that makes your phone slower and you install that update or allow your device to install the update with the automatic update installer that they put on their product, then that is on you. It’s a shitty thing for Apple to do but they can do it because you agreed to it. You are simply getting what you paid for.
If you want to be able to modify your device or don’t want your device throttled by updates, THEN DON’T BUY A FUCKING APPLE PRODUCT.


Am I witness to fresh copypasta?

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no, we need to first post it on reddit or another site larger than this


Not sure whether you consider the rant itself dumb, as per the thread title, or what your stance on the matter is…

But that someone is legally capable of doing something morally reprehensible does not change the nature of the act.
It’s a testament to our laws no longer serving the people, and while the idea of capitalism as a self-regulating system is cute, even economists are beginning to come around and acknowledge just how much bullshit that is. “Consumer choice” is a myth in a system built on manipulating your choices at every corner, on a sub-conscious level.

Lies just go to Krusty Krab.


I think what he’s saying is that he finds people who rant about apple 's moves while still buying their products dumb.
I too found his post insulting and was going to write a long response but then I read the last line on his post.
imo he’s just using a creative way to criticise apple by bashing on the people who complain about it instead of apple itself.
because at the end no matter how little choice you have in using their products, the choice of buying them in the first place is still yours.

Exactly. If people complain so much about Apple’s policies, then they shouldn’t buy an Apple product in the first place.


Fresh, new uncopied pasta… isn’t fresh until it’s been copied?


Actually Apple has been found guilty of misleading consumers -

Also, they admitted they deliberately made older iphones slower due to ageing batteries. illegal or not, it’s an Admission that was only revealed after much probing into their business.

it’s the failure to disclose that information, which most consumers are concerned about. If they knew, there wouldn’t be an argument.

My Iphone 6 has been getting seemingly slower. Uh Oh. ;-|–

I really don’t understand what people are complaining about. They can do whatever but once I get my hands on it they can’t. I’m not touching my IPhone though.

For example, amazon has these super cheat kindle($50) but they could be much better. Being me, I root it and get google play and it has worked pretty good for like the first year I had it. (First thing I did was disable updates and remove the automatic update application) Amazon gave me a cheap device with stuff on it then I modified it. Basically If I wanted to do that to an ios device I jailbreak it. But it says in their agreement I lose the warranty by doing that, and they have a right to do so.

Or is the argument talking about physically modifying it? I wouldn’t be doing that anyway to a phone/tablet.

But anyways, a lot of it is business manipulation, you will pretty much always
get the bad deal in cases like this. Maybe one day building your own phone will become a thing but phone companies will probably make agreements with the data providers so they don’t (Or can’t as they would say) give service on your ‘built’ phone.


This next part isn’t important to the topic…
Now, it is very slow for some reason that I don’t know. Maybe its just old. I’ve though about fully replacing the software but It really isn’t worth my time right now. ( If anybody knows a good program though?)

Redditors begone.

And yes applel products suck. I tell my family members that.

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