Duel Mode?

I have been watching a lot of smite duel recently and thought VG could use a mode like that. A seperate map with duel specific objectives would be really nice (And be very fun for friendly 1v1s while adding viability for ither heroes like BF). Of course, more items would have to be designed to make 1v1 more balanced so dueliests like BF or Alpha don’t completely dominate the mode.

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Back in the day, we called it ‘Fight Club.’

It was a bit more toxic then, more like a, “FC me!” after a game when talking trash or in the DotA chat channel. They were intense games! Spectators chiming in, using the all chat. Ha!

For the sake of conversation, but isn’t it possible to 1v1 through a private match? I feel I’ve definitely done it once or twice.

1v1 doesn’t seem a big part of the VG culture (which I’m not stating as positive nor negative).

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Lol practice mode is the default duel mode but it would be nice to have a proper mode to test your ability to both secure kills/objectives and test your ability to farm and build items. I see it as ARAL/ARAM except 1v1, more gold per second, and less speed boosts.

It is, but the map and respawn timers are balanced around 3v3. I feel like a dedicated 1v1 mode with its own mechanics and buffs would be AWESOME. I would have to much fun playing BF in that mode

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You’ve just broken the first rule


To be fair, it’s kinda hard for a 1v1 scene to develop when Krul, a hero designed specifically to be the king of 1v1s, was added very early on in the game’s life.

It would take lots of tweaking to make it work. Wishful thinking tho, we r “lucky” to get new skins, let alone a new gamemode.

Tbh Krul is a very fair duelist now outside of low tiers. Lots of heroes like Ronald McDonald have enough CC to get him off of them. BF and Kensei feel like they’d be more difficult to deal with. They could also add bans as even Smite has gods that are absurdly busted in duel. They just need to add items and mechanics to balance some heroes out. Also since you won’t be full build immediately some late game oriented heroes could still end up being a bit balanced.

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I dunno how it works in Smite, but I feel if they did a limited map (maybe something like the onslaught map?) It’d be interesting. Maybe even just straight up 1v1 Onslaught.

There are 3 different objectives. The red buff that boosts damage, 2 blue buffs that increase mana regen afaik, and the big objective which is the bull demon which disables the tower and phoenix (Which is that game’s armory) and I dunno if it grants stat boosts.

That’s interesting. I could see vainglory having a duel map with maybe 2 capturable objectives or summin, maybe just one for general stat boost and one which spawns minions to fight for you… I’m sure there’s loads of different things like that, I’m just thinking of ideas.

I don’t think we can expect anything anywhere near that high quality from SEMC anymore though.

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Capture the flag and domination wouldnt be bad modes either and tbh much more doable

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Tower Control / Rainmaker from Splatoon, or a Push the payload kinda thing like Paladins (And Overwatch I think?) has…

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And add ranked, add ranked in everything and stop matching me with guests pleaseeee

Tbh I disagree with that one. They can’t really have both ranked and casual cause PlAYeRbaSe ToO SmaLL, and gamemodes like these need to be fun short things. I think keeping ranked the traditional Moba is the best way. As for being matched with guests… git gud (Or is it only guests that play anymore? I wouldn’t be surprised.)

Aral seems to match with anyone, thankfully I get more enjoyable matches than the other way around. Why not put ranked in all gamemodes (except 5v5 cause I need to test my builds somewhere)?

Because it makes the game too competitive, which makes people toxic and tryhard. Don’t get me wrong, I like ranking as much as the next person, but sometimes I just wanna have some fun and mess around. The blitz scoring system ruined it, half the players just mess around with trollbuilds and have fun, and the other half get really angry and actually play it like a competitive gamemode.

Ranked should be a skill based mode with balanced heroes and items (and definitely no talents) while Brawl modes should be for messing around and having a laugh when you’ve got a few minutes to waste, imo.