Double SG Malene with a little bits of Clockwork

We won. I tested this build in rank for the first time. Her bonus damage when swap is quite strong. possibly stronger with AS and her abilities especially her Dark A really deals a huge amount of damage taking half of their health and her basic attack deals 200+ damage as it scales! Add clockwork, her cooldown reduces greatly! I can swap easily and deal more damage.

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I don’t like to base results on a single match, do you have more examples? I do like the idea, but I feel a lack of shield pierce would reduce your damage output in most cases. Have you tried replacing one of the shatterglasses with a Broken Myth?


I did… but it does well against enemies with shield items… but lesser damage output compared to shatterglass x2.

I am trying to play more match as malene given the chance.

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Isn’t this the ImTheDoom build? It’s been around a while…

Ps - nice C/S

I’d like some actual stats on this match.
But shows no matches…
You are a good Malene and I am wondering if you did real damage or needed BM over SG…

@TadashiN you can’t simply claim double SG outdamages SG BM not without actual data.
Post match screens are useless, they contain almost no data…

who is that? i don’t know her.gif

I will record next time :wink:
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Just the end game stats with damage will suffice…

I sometimes see perfect stats with 24k damage while people with worse stats dealt 70k+…

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oh okay… sure

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You should go DE instead of the second SG its a lot better trust me. Jungle Malone with first item SG second CW third DE and BM just to you know BM THEM.

i know but I was testing and playing around new builds

Double SG is something in EU or was. Doom was using that build, though I am not quite sure others can use it too. I mean I doubt every mid laner in soloq can snowball and have double SG in 7 something min. So I am not completely sure about the viability in general. Besides that was before the nerf. Not really aware now as I am not playing this patch.

Updating my thread… another match with Double SG malene


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ImTheDoom is a legendary jungler, he has been playing a lot of midlane lately. Looks like his build to me.

oh okay… this is my first time hearing about him

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We believe you, just adding more info to the thread. Double SG is totally fine if not all of the enemy team builds a lot of shield.

yeah i realised that… double sg is a little weak againdt heavy shield enemies… should I swap out my clockwork for broken myth

Could work, esp into given enemy compositions. Her general cooldowns are not that bad in late game.

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oh. oki doki… will test that