Does deal on Ice happen often?

I have some extra money to spend, but noticed that there’s currently no deal on the market. How often is there deals on buying ice?

**Not looking for a “just wait” answer :slight_smile: **

There is often some deal going on - the real question is whether there is a “good” deal. The Chinese New Year one was exceptionally good - I suspect we won’t see one that good again for a fair while.


Ok sounds good. I’ll wait a couple of days. A small deal is better than no deal at all. Thanks!

they are constantly making deals atm. you wont have to wait for long, at most till the next update i would guess.

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The usual rule is for large amounts of ice you can get two times value fairly easily - for small amounts its not unusual to get 3 times. The CNY deal was exceptional because it was large amounts at over 4 times value.

I had 10000 ICE - I still bought it.


I always buy limited offer, first is the 1 usd offer, after that 2 times of 2 usd offer, and now they offer me a 3 usd package. For new players I suggest you buy a starter bundle which is limited only for lvl 2-5 for 2 usd

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Yes, there are often deals of the x1.5, x2 type, wait for atleast x2. Otherwise here and there there are deals for x3.5-x8 times. In the black friday period there where some really great deals, got one x8… the Chinese new year deals where great too, but I see from time to time good deals for x2-x3 range without any major event and I would wait for such a offer. Cheers! :slight_smile: