Does anyone else feel that SC got too harsh a nerf?

It wasn’t like stormcrown did a crazy amount of damage to enemy heroes and structures. They should have compensated the lesser base damage to a higher percentage of damage done to enemy heroes and structures while providing less clear speed which was the main nerf needed.

60-160 down to 40-130

but instead of damage to hereos and structures down, they should have made it go up to compensate.

25% to 30/35%(latter highly unlikely but you get my point)


Maybe. SC was crappy pre 3.0 due to rework , it got back with the change in 3.1 and has dominated most roam/tank builds since then. I don’t have any problem with SC as an individual item but SC+AS was annoying to deal with on someone like fortress/flicker who could just bring a squishy down to half health in the early game and deal decent damage late game

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Fair Point.
30 characterssssssssssssssssssssssss

I think the Nerf was well-deserved, it gave heroes with high base damage very good snowball potential. Or maybe I’m just mad because I hate top cancer tanka with a passion.


Not Taka. GJ.
Damn u 30 chars.

Problem is it was combined with a AS… these two items are very cheap, syncs incredible well and let to abuse by certain hero’s. SEMC have tried merging the hero’s but it had little effect, so they’ve decided to nerf the items instead this time out.

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