Do we have a Discord server?

I’m aware SEMC has a Vainglory server, as does Reddit. I know there’s a Discord server for the legacy forums (albeit every link I find is broken or expired…?), but do we have one here? I don’t even know if it’s necessary but, I am curious.

What would be the reason for having one?

Not sure, people come up with all sorts of things. I was only asking if we had one.

No, to my knowledge we currently do not

SEMF discord kind of became the forum discord.

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I’ll mark this as answered. Thank you.

I’d second this - its definitely an unofficial link but many forumers are there and it serves as a good place to have quick conversations etc.

Might I suggest the server “Road To Vainglorious”? Got a few forumers there and we’re currently hosting a sea server tournament too.