Do we have a Discord server?


I’m aware SEMC has a Vainglory server, as does Reddit. I know there’s a Discord server for the legacy forums (albeit every link I find is broken or expired…?), but do we have one here? I don’t even know if it’s necessary but, I am curious.


What would be the reason for having one?


Not sure, people come up with all sorts of things. I was only asking if we had one.


No, to my knowledge we currently do not


SEMF discord kind of became the forum discord.


I’ll mark this as answered. Thank you.


I’d second this - its definitely an unofficial link but many forumers are there and it serves as a good place to have quick conversations etc.


Might I suggest the server “Road To Vainglorious”? Got a few forumers there and we’re currently hosting a sea server tournament too.