Do battle royale turrets need barrier back?

  • Yes, i’d like to sacrifice some minutes to up the gaming experience
  • No, i’d like to leave it alone and let the RNG - P2w talents decide my fate

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Battle royale - probably the least toxic gamemode for those who can’t spend their 30 minutes to undergo a full experience of 5v5 goodness… ( i mean, why the heck would you play 3v3 anymore… ) or don’t want to face one trick ponies with “level 999 - please 3x smile ping me - mega broken talents” in Blitz.
When i say the least toxic, i mean that it’s entirely random so… technically you have no right to get mad at someone sucking playing a hero they aren’t accustomed with. Unless trolling.
I also love BR exactly because of its element of surprise which keeps my entire hero pool skill fresh. It’s a perfect mode for mastering multiple heroes at basic level.

Now onto the problem. Poopstrats.

If you get lucky enough and get a godly blessings of RNG, you might start the game with a talent that can basically let you destroy turrets and eventually enemy vain crystal by not doing anything at all? Wait what?
BARON’s LEGENDARY TALENT. The most broken thing in BR right now. Same could be said about celeste’s Rare, Kestrel’s rare, basically anything Long rage which deals unholy damage to structures, by not risking ir sacrificing anytning at all. Just stand out of the turret range and have fun.

Why is this a problem? No turret barriers.
No seriously, Where da turrets barrier at? Did they remove it to shorten the length of the game due to it being classified as BRAWL? Or did they do it to prevent turtle strat, aka camping the turret and playing patience games?

Idk about you, but as someone who plays BR a lot, long rage structure eaters are a pain, because you can literally do zero things about it. Protect it = don’t push. Don’t protect it = you get backdoored while that 1 hero eats through all ofthe leftover towers.

I propose to bring back the barrier to at least SLOW DOWN the rate at which the above mentioned heroes can break through. It will probably prolong the game by 5 minutes MAX. To prevent the turtle strat, turrets can maybe be programmed to auto-delete their barriers when 2 or more enemy heroes are in proximity.

Here’s a poll so let’s vote.

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I don’t think the turrets should have barriers because it would make it harder to do a Final push when you ace them but your minions aren’t here. Those talents are problematic but you can try and stop the Celeste or kestrel from getting in range and if baron hope you just get someone who can push hard before he gets to level 6 or can destroy turrets quicker or push harder

i fail to see how a barrier will slow down Barron’s barrage of motars, while celeste lays down a mine field of stars…

My battle Royale experience is anywhere between 7 - 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes due to both teams camping hoping to gank the other…

this would increase it to 20 minutes, if it indeed slows down the attack.


Add the turret barrier back, but for every dead hero on the team, 1/3 of the barrier is removed.

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Very very biased poll my friend


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Haha people play BR. I only say no because I don’t really think the polls is an accurate way of getting an opinion on this type of situation. But tbh it doesn’t matter to me because I don’t play BR.

Tbh I prefer BR to Blitz. so many more fun clutches in BR and other shenanigans. And yes, Talents can be annoying, but believe me, I can still win without them. They’re not worth complaining about.

Edit: I forgot to mention; I’m sure the reason SEMC removed turret barriers in BR is the same as what they’ve been doing in regular gamemodes: speed the match up.

Make the turrets act like crystal barriers in 5v5. The barrier will only disappear if there are nearby heroes and minions so it won’t be vulnerable to global ultimates.

The fact that Baron (and to a lesser extent Celeste and Kestrel) can destroy turrets from the other side of the map is the stupidest thing in the entire game. I’ve had an enemy Baron stay in his sanctuary and bomb the crystal turrets out of existence in the late stage of a BR more than once.

Hence the reason the thread was created.

Nah br is fine as it is. An exceptionally fun brawl mode reduced to crap by RNG and P2W aspects completely dominating, no turret barrier is going to salvage this train wreck.