Divina Exoduz Guild Recruitment (NA)


My name is dRaXuS and my IGN is thediamondking. I am co-leader and continuing supporter of my guild Divina Exoduz. Exoduz has seen some tough times due to all of our leadership(including me) being busy over the past few months. Well we plan to change that this summer. With new features and events along with Guild Events that we are going to organize our guild could be right for you? Below I will link our discord so you can join the discussion with me and the other leaders as we expand our guild.

Our guild was founded by 3 brothers with a profound passion for the game and making the community a better place. Zarkel, Kensayonce and DeWarRoy have been around since the original guilds way back in the very early seasons of Vainglory. And I plan to continue their mission and help them expand and grow the community to new heights.

DM on discord with this information:
5v5 rank:
3v3 rank:
Short description(optional):

Discord link: https://discord.gg/q9emqxj

Dm me through the team leaders section of the discord(bright green) @dRaXuS and let me know if you would like to join! We are working on adding weekly guild events and season tournaments! I am also in talks to start streaming our guild events to twitch to show our gameplay and grow the community. Contact me and let me know about your interests in the guild and our events!