Discord Help

I have the discord for Chrome app for my Chromebook. I also have the app installed on my Pixel3. My discord works fine for chat and for hearing audio. Today, during a stream, a viewer wanted to play and utilize discord. No matter what I tried, they were unable to hear me.

On my Chromebook, it said I was muted. When I clicked un-mute, the screen would pulse black as if it registered my command, and then remain un-muted.

I then switched to my mobile app, where it said the mic was on. I shut down my game and streaming app as well. Still, it didn’t pick up any sensitivity or register my voice.

One thing I am struggling with lately, is contacting support teams from companies such as Twitch and Discord - they don’t make it very transparent. Any way, I figured I’d come to this community. Any of you have similar experiences? Any tips/advice? Thank you!

Discord’s support sucks. Period, end of story.

Discord’s voice stuff is very wonky sometimes. I had ALL KINDS of problems getting it to work with my Universal Audio drivers – never did get it to work where everyone could hear everyone when I was using my > $1000 pro-level audio interface. Very frustrating.

I watch podcasts on twitch and I see them have audio problems but they fix them because they used to having them everyday , like a lot of the time they just move them out of the room then bring them back to hear each other , so I think it has certain bugs not fixed yet .