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I am having a problem with
I had a moment of temporary insanity and tried to join the official VG Discord on the old forum…apparently, I’m not human because its asking for a phone number verification. I don’t have a phone number.

I went to the website and tried to log in there; it keeps directing me to a white page that says “your account isn’t verified.”

Do they have an actual support team that can help, or am I better off just forgetting the account, and abandoning all my friends?

My device is
Some android device.

My operating system is
Whatever the latest android OS is?

You shouldn’t need a phone number to be verifying your account unless at some point you set up two-factor authentication, in which case, without said number, you’re kind of out of luck. Two-step verification is put in place userside to stop unwanted access to your account. Discord support will not be able to help you with this.

Unless this helps, your best bet is to just make a new account.

Edit: You might be able to reverify your account if you hadn’t yet verified it using your email address.

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Thank you so much!! I don’t know which link it was, but one of the links you posted led me to the contact support link. I was able to email them!

They reviewed my account and removed the phone number verification for me. So, again, thank you so very very much!!


Awesome! That’s great to hear. I’m happy that worked out for you.

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