Dimitri, the mobile Force

[Doubletime] Hello, this is Ciderhelm and welcome to the brand-new hero spotlight, today we are introducing Dimitri, a mobile, high-damage Soldier, which can eliminate any threat. (haha funny memes)

Base stats:
Health: 435-1655
Energy: 200-400
Armor: 30-135
Shield: 30-135
Attack Speed: 100%
Movement Speed: 3.6
Weapon: 100-155
Attack range:5m

Heroic Perk/Well-Trained:
Dimitri’s basic attacks have a natural armor pierce of 40%. All basic attacks also come in a burst fire. He shoots 3 bullets in the time span of one third of a second, followed with a half second cooldown, completely regardless of attack speed. Attack speed gained by items will be made into weapons points. 1% attack speed=1WP.

A Ability: Frag Granade
Dimitri throws a grenade which explodes with a 1 second delay in a medium sized AoE(slightly smaller than barons A), dealing a ton of weapon damage. Targets hit get silenced and rooted for 0.3 seconds.
Throwing range reaches up to 6 meters. Dimitri can hit himself with this ability.
Cooldown: 30/25/20/15/15
WP Damage: 150%, CP 200%.
Root and Silence duration is increased by 10% upon every 100 CP he reaches.
Overdrive: WP Damage increases by 50%,resulting in 200%

B Ability: Stun Granade
Dimitri throws a Granade up to 5 meters, this Ability has a bigger AoE than his A and explodes after 1.5 seconds. Targets hit are stunned for 2 seconds.
Cooldown: 30/26/22/18/14
Cooldown is not affected by cooldown reducing items.
CP:150%, WP:0%
Dimitri can hit himself with this ability.
Overdrive: Stun duration increased by 0.4 seconds, Dimitri can’t hit himself anymore.

C Ability: Combat Veteran
Dimitri rolls up to 4 meters into a direction and goes into a kneeling position. He gets fortified health and his WP damage is increased by 50, his Crit damage increased by 25%, and Crit chance increased by 20%.
Upon moving this position is cancelled.

Cooldown 10 seconds.
Overdrive: Dimitri’s Heroic Perk ignores 50% armor, instead of 40%(in this position only)

Now they’ve really gone whale-hunting. :sweat_smile:

Dimitri must bring the rubbles!

Dimitri Petrenko Jr. You’re suggesting here man? For MOTHER RUSSIA!!!

Hold on there, Dimitri is my Christian name, I just thing its an universally good name.

I’m talking about Dimitri Petrenko in the Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops 1.

B-but this is a thread about a fan made hero in Vainglory :thinking:

Well, fooled me with the Ciderhelm intro. Looked like reddit copy-pasta.

Just a similarity in the names. Btw I’ve posted some new threads.

I was just meming, I barely go to reddit