Device issues since last patch

I have wifi drops

On my nexus 9 tablet
Running on android 7.1.1

I have now been in two matches where my wifi keeps dropping yet my wifi is very strong. 100mbit 9ms ping.

I was playing on my nexus 9 and was winning but then I got lagg spikes up to 64k. Second match in 2 days like this.

I checked and I have great internet.
Switched to my phone and the war with my ping was gone.

Does anyone have a clue what I can do about this?
It is costing me many games and my enjoyment in game. I can play on my phone but I hate the small screen (5.5") vs my tablet 8.9"

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It appears to be because of the 5v5 map… Probably the fog of war…

As video villain would say - update your device, restart it. Reinstall VG. Restart again.

My device is up to date and I reinstalled the game.
The problem is the fog of war. It causes weird lagg spikes and that was on auto…

Is there anything pointing to it? Because what I would expect related to Fog of War are App crashes due to a memory leak, for instance. I don’t really see how it could cause lag.

The EU server has been unstable for me in general, though, during the last few days. Mostly not loading into hero select or into the match, but also dropping connection at random. That happened in 3vs3 / Brawl Modes as well, so at least in my case Fog of War is not the culprit.

Well in Blitz (other map) I had no issues.
I lowered the graphics to medium and played a bot match on 5v5 map and had no issues either.
On my phone there is no fog of war and I have no issues either.

In the past I had lagg spikes due to fow so yeah there is evidence pointing in that direction.

I can tell you it is not fog of war as the issue is happening to me, though not as bad in all game modes. Along with random quick ping spikes that freeze the game for a second and leave it stuttering for a bit after


No fog of war and minimal lagg…

Normally my internet has no lagg at all so I still get spikes right now but a 300 spike or a 64k constant are two different things.

Sorry to hear you are getting hit too :tired_face: