Dev Update 15 May

Source: Twitter


Rip not NA but thats okay. At this point, any news is good news.

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I’m sure they know – based on the insights gained from 10+ years of running one of the largest online games on the planet – precisely where and how they want to test the game each step of the way.

Dying for it to get to NA, that’s for sure.


So… Compatible with the Google pixel 3?

I sure it will be compatible, its just that they havent given out a list of specs. But they did say that at launch, there will be a minimum requirement info thingy out by then.

Honestly given how undemanding LoL is I wouldn’t be surprised if a 2003 Nokia could end up running Wild Rift at high settings

:laughing: At least, I’m assuming you’re exaggerating for comedic effect … There isn’t a chance that will be true, of course.

PC LOL has literally nothing to do engine wise with the mobile port, so I can’t really see how you put specs on the mobile game in relation with the PC game.

I think he was joking…

But I do agree with him, if the Pc version can run on low quality computers, then I wouldn’t expect Riot to not do the same for WR.

Based on the minspec section above, they’re targeting Apple and Android hardware dating back to 2014 – that should give pretty much anyone with a working smartphone a chance to try WR!

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Ofc they will do, it’s critical for a mobile game to have low entry specs (especially if it will be a hit in China). For example you know ML and how it can run virtually on everything, but if you turn ultra gfx + 60fps it hits hard even apple’s A13 and heats quite a lot my 11 pro max (+quite high battery consumption to come with it). I am sure riot target something similar - low entry specs for fluid experience, but good looking max if maxed out.