Dev stream

Missed the latest dev stream, can someone sum up what was discussed ? Thank you

The stream is up for viewing on twitch. I missed it as well. but caught up on it just then

The sum up? Questions such as Marvel or DC? Super crunchy chicken or spicy? and a whole bunch more that you’ll just need to watch~!

a “get to know DEV’s” that work behind the scenes. The GFX artist DEV - Smashley with the super soothing ASM voice was my personal highlight, being interviewed by EmmaskyeWard.

introduction to the new hero and 2 - 5v5 match ups. Dev’s VS some random pro’s.


Well, I’ve made a breakdown of the stream on Reddit if you like. Link here.

It was ok, though I think 1 game was sufficient rather than 2. It was kind of hard to follow since they focus on Zekent’s hero and the team doesn’t really follow the pro style of play and got stomped both times, lol.

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It was interesting because the people that they let go really seemed like they didn’t do much for the company itself but they did for us. The thing that I want the most is for the devs that they showed us to be a little bit more community focused in Reddit like skye and neolegacy, especially neolegacy. I don’t really mind if Smashley doesn’t interact with the community bc holy sht she’s putting in work. Zekent already does so its cool.

The new hero despite looking somewhat basic seems to have an interesting kit.


It was an ASMR stream with Smashley

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