Deleting account help devs

I am leaving vg forums and i would like to ask devs to anonymize or delete my account.

I had fun browsing these forums and wish all best luck.

Let’s all put down our party hats and halos for another fallen one.

Let’s not…

30 c h r c t r s

If you’re sure you want to do that, send me a direct message here and we can discuss exactly what you’d like me to do.

Sorry to see you go, though. :sad:


Now I’m dying to know who it was…

I looked at his account and it seems I’ve read every one of his threads. I even recall thinking about replying on two of them. I’m curious as well. Unluckily, no one @ him by name, although I doubt it would matter as it seems Discourse is pretty thorough with changing all his quoted replies to the new name.

if you were from the old forums he was known as flicker

This is another person I’m pretty sure, that guy left awhile ago didn’t he

That guy was the first person to change to Anon. This is someone else.

Oh I was confused a bit , because I remember a guy in this forum requested account deleting , but I don’t know if it was flicker , he liked my comment on his last thread but I don’t remember the name .