DEATH - New hero


Unique hero with unique abilities played as a captain or a CP assasin who can literally bring people back from the dead, or send enemies near to death to the grave (of course he cab, he’s death for Christ sake).

Wanted to develop a hero who can be played in a diverse way. Stacking health improves deaths roam path providing additional healing and barriers whilst the CP path improved empowered attacks and abilites.


Death deals DMG over time when your in its presence hang around to long in its shadow and you’ll provide a small heal buff to him/her both abilites scale over time (Sounds a little like churnwalker I know). CP items improve the DMG whilst health items improve deaths healing.

A - Struck by death

Death swings his scythe in an arc damaging and slowing all those struck. Slow scales with deaths health upto a maximum of 40% whilst the DMG scales with CP items, cooldown influencers by CP power stacked.

B - Death Appears

This is a two part ability providing rapid movement. Death can activate this ability to rapidly move between two positions, he/she remains stealth whilst under B effect but must reactive the second part of the ability to reappear in the chosen position. Using this ability resets A allowing you to appear and immediately slow enemies And peeling for your carries, when using this ability you’ll gain fortified health barrier scaling based on your health(helping death to appear by the side of an ally or flee the immediate area). Your next two basic attacks are empowered and based on CP ratios.

C - Toss a coin, live or die…

A duel ability with large range (12/15) which behaves differently based on who you select (friend or foe).

Death strikes immediately appearing next to an enemy and swinging his scythe dealing a percentage of missing health DMG which scales based on his CP DMG (so this can’t finish an enemy but can chunk them down based on their total health) also applies a mortal wound effect.

Second part (roam path) enables death to immediately appear next to a fallen or living ally reviving them for a percentage of their health (based on deaths health pool more health higher percentage) or healing them around him for a percentage of deaths health. Note this will leave the ally susceptible to death (maybe max it at 30% of their total health).

Flame on guys, pick this apart :slight_smile:

i think overwatch shows how bad a revive skill is. they had to rework mercy and keep nerfing her and the revive because it was that strong.

perk - like you said, it’s kindaa like churny, but on steroids. you just need to be in his field of vision, and he heals regardless of dmg dealt.

A -

i dont understand, does cda not already stack? i’m pretty sure it does

B - so overloaded. invis, dash, slow, dmg, barrier/fort hp (which one???), skill reset, and empowerment

ult - the dmg path seems fine, but a resurrect is just bad. even if it’s low hp, you give them a chance to neglect their death timers which is a MAJOR part of winning after lategame clashes. imagine killing the highest dmg dealer, only to find out they got resurrefted after you left the body alone. also, what if i buy an item? what happens?
also u kno, echo

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Perk: Yes but agin the heal ratio is based on HP stacked. Churns ability is arguable stronger as it also applies DMG to all those chained to churn. Given that the only CC he has in his kit is A I felt he needed the additional tankiness as he puts himself in awkward positions with his other abilites, think Ardan who also has a similiar perk ability when receiving DMG etc.

B - doesn’t have a slow in built it enables you to reposition (flickers B ability is stronger), slow comes from resetting deaths A… like I said the abilites scale on health and CP. If you’r playing roam then the health boost shall increase the slow, if your stackin CP the slows negligible but your empowered attacks are stronger… It’ll also boost your fortified health based on health stacked.

I wanted CP raw DMG to influence cooldown of his A as he’ll be a CP player with only his A and C abilites doing DMG.

Remember I’ve tried to make Death have very different playstles based on your build path, CP for instance won’t have a slow or much in the way of fortified health.

Ult - you might have a point, I was torn by this ability as felt it could be abused (Krul what a nightmare he’d become). Perhaps this could be changed to an AEO heal for all those in the impacted area?